Sponsor Spotlight

Introducing our Sponsor Spotlight and our first sponsor of the month. 

In 2018, we started to incorporate sponsors into our blog and include not only banners and ads, but also work with them to build meaningful connections between our blog and the organizations. We've been lucky to have great sponsors that work with us through affiliate programs, sponsored blog posts, and social media shares. 

This month, we are featuring Dropps– plastic free laundry detergent and dishwasher pods that are environmentally friendly, delivered to your door, and made with no unnecessary fillers + dyes.

These sponsors are responsible for helping us to keep our content subscription free. 

We have chosen each of our sponsors because they align with our values in an authentic way and they provide products and/ or services that we believe are beneficial to our readers.

The mission of our Sponsor Spotlight is to showcase our partnership and tell you a little more about why we work with them.  Sponsors who have supported Dancing With Fireflies include Joy Organics, TruDog, CreativeLive, The California Wine Club, Grammarly, and Organic Aromas.  

Along with sponsored posts, product reviews, and social media shares, these partners have been instrumental in allowing Dancing With Fireflies to exist and grow through their affiliate programs.  These affiliate links send us a commission after our readers make a purchase, at no cost to our readers.  

What does it mean to be a Spotlight sponsor?

Everyday we, as readers, are bombarded with advertisements, influencers telling us what to wear and where to shop, and commercials longer than our desired entertainment.  Most of our readers and followers know that we have a new challenge: How to get the best products that align with our values. 

Through this spotlight, we are featuring companies that are healthy, environmentally friendly, plant-based, and/or help us to become better versions of ourselves through education, compassion, and kindness. 

Dancing With Fireflies Sponsor Of The Month

Redefining the home care category with products that are effective, safer, and better for people and the planet.

In honor of Earth Day and the huge global crisis that we are in the midst of, we have selected Dropps as our 1st Sponsor of the month because of their dedication to reducing plastic pollution, their efforts to neutralize their carbon footprint, and their delivery of much needed cleaning supplies to our homes without the drag of overboxing.

During this Covid-19 crisis, they are donating laundry detergent to hospitals and healthcare workers to meet increased laundry demands. 

We have been using their laundry detergent and dishwashing pods for the last month and we really love their products. 

Dropps has also impressed us with their Coronavirus response. Many retailers are rushing to increase their prices and running out of supplies, but Dropps is actually honoring their discounts and increasing their shipments. They are also making their employees a priority and looking after their health and safety.

Many companies are shutting down and others are not allowing new customers, but Dropps is prioritizing delivery for existing and new subscription customers to ensure no disruption to ongoing wash plan subscriptions. 

Love it!

So please take a look at this month's sponsor and go plastic free with Dropps!

~ Crysta and Dancing With Fireflies