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Finding Joy wherever you can find it. 

June has been very stressful.  Personally, I've struggled with both depression and anxiety this month and had to take some personal time off to reflect. This morning I was sitting in my quiet room trying to move forward and I reached for my tea that contained CBD tincture and some herbs and I realized that this was a moment of joy and when times are hard, we have to embrace whatever joy we can when we find it.

Last month, we shared Dropps as our Sponsor Spotlight and this month we want to feature one of the sponsors we have worked with heavily and love. Joy Organics was one of our first sponsors and they have taught us so much about how to grow as a blog with affiliate links. 

But even more, Joy Organics helped to change my physical health for the better. In 2018, Joy Organics sent us some samples of their CBD products. I didn't have a lot of experience with hemp CBD, since I lived in Seattle and had access to cannabis to help body's reaction to Lyme Disease.

So this month, has been a little stressful and I've been turning to CBD more than ever.  That's why we are sharing Joy Organics as our Sponsor of the month.

These sponsors are responsible for helping us to keep our content subscription free. 

We have chosen each of our sponsors because they align with our values in an authentic way and they provide products and/ or services that we believe are beneficial to our readers.

The mission of our Sponsor Spotlight is to showcase our partnership and tell you a little more about why we work with them.  Sponsors who have supported Dancing With Fireflies include Dropps, TruDog, CreativeLive, The California Wine Club, Grammarly, and Organic Aromas.  

Along with sponsored posts, product reviews, and social media shares, these partners have been instrumental in allowing Dancing With Fireflies to exist and grow through their affiliate programs.  These affiliate links send us a commission after our readers make a purchase, at no cost to our readers.  

What does it mean to be a Spotlight sponsor?

Everyday we, as readers, are bombarded with advertisements, influencers telling us what to wear and where to shop, and commercials longer than our desired entertainment.  Most of our readers and followers know that we have a new challenge: How to get the best products that align with our values. 

Through this spotlight, we are featuring companies that are healthy, environmentally friendly, plant-based, and/or help us to become better versions of ourselves through education, compassion, and kindness. 

Dancing With Fireflies Sponsor Of The Month

Live Your Joy with The Finest THC-Free CBD Products

The finest CBD products start with the finest ingredients, including US-grown hemp.

It's June 2020 and we are in the middle of political, social and a mental crisis. Many people like myself feel overwhelmed, scared, and physically exhausted from the weight of it all.

We see the value in safe herbal options that are THC-Free and affordable.

We have been using Joy Organics for years and we really love their products. 

We have done many reviews and articles to help our readers learn more about CBD and how they can use it to boost their physical health with herbal options. Joy Organics has been our preferred brand for tinctures, gummies, salves, and CBD treats for our dogs.

We hope you will give them a look and let us know what you think. 

We also have a discount you can use on your order. Use the code “Firefly” or ask about upcoming sales and codes.

~ Crysta and Dancing With Fireflies