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Chermoula Salmon

Piquant Post’s Chermoula Salmon

The great folks at Piquant Post have shared this amazing recipe with us. We hope you will give them a look. I LOVE giving their boxes as gifts. Originating from North Africa, Chermoula is a flavor-packed marinade and condiment typically served with grilled or fried fish. Traditionally made by hand-grinding fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley together with garlic, preserved lemon and spices, the resulting pungent sauce can be spooned on fish as a marinade before cooking and also served table side as a lovely condiment. We've done the hard work up-front by curating classic Moroccan spices and fresh-dried herbs to create a Chermoula spice blend that can be used directly as a rub or as a base for a more authentic Chermoula-herb sauce. Paprika, cumin, garlic, and cayenne pepper provide classic earthy-spicy-savory notes that you need in any Chermoula sauce, while the cilantro and parsley provide the herbaceous base. The flavors are punctuated by subtle, cooling spearmint and a citrus note from lemon peel. This recipe for a Moroccan inspired pan-seared salmon teaches you the technique of pan-basting for faster cooking and for achieving a crispy layer on juicy fish. Serve over a bed of lightly dressed mixed greens or grains with plenty of lemon on the side. See the digital recipe for a link to a recipe to make the authentic Chermoula herb sauce.

Southern Vegetarian Breakfast Gravy

    After many tries, a few fails, and several years of fiddling with the recipe I’ve discovered that making my Gram's breakfast gravy without meat just requires some imagination and I have plenty of that! This recipe is a little heavy and probably not something you'd want to eat every day. But for me, on cool Sunday mornings with hot fresh biscuits out of the oven, it's worth the extra steps I'll have to track for the day.

    Paneer Makhani

      My family loves Indian food. So I started making it at home and found that it was pretty easy to make something that everyone loves. It's gluten free and vegetarian. You can spice it up or mellow it out, it's all up to you.