Populum – Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules 750mg


Using hemp grown on ethical farms in Colorado, Populum guarantees extracts of the highest quality. Experience premium CBD in a convenient, no-frills capsule.

Versatile, convenient, and made for everyone.

Our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules are an essential addition to your daily wellness routine. You can take capsules wherever, whenever. Grab one before you head out in the morning or as your day winds down. Extremely convenient, the Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules offer dosages of 25mg of hemp CBD per capsule.

The Original 30-Day Risk-Free Trial for CBD oil

Did you know we were the first in the industry to establish a risk-free trial policy? We stand behind our products 100% and have nothing to hide. Try us out!


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Populum capsules are made from domestically-grown hemp CBD. No unnecessary ingredients, just pure wellness in a capsule.

Non-GMO hemp oil

Contains phytocannabinoids known to help with inflammatory & autoimmune diseases while also helping to protect your brain


MCT oil

Derived from coconuts and considered a diverse and balanced oil, MCT oil provides essential fatty acids and is suggested to help provide energy to the brain