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Every Good Farmhouse

Has a few Dogs, Has a few Weeds, Has a few Recipes, Has a few Stories

6 Delicious Air Fryer Desserts
We have even more amazing Air Fryer recipes to share with you today.  We discovered how easy it is to make desserts and sweets for any time in our Air Fryer! We got great…
How To Boost Your Sex Drive Over 40
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet I'm impressed! I love how so many of you have asked how you can boost your sex drive over 40. And I…
How To Start A New Garden
Tips For Starting A New Vegetable Bed
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet It's time to start planning your spring gardens! Are you starting a fresh garden, moving to a new area, or looking to…
14 Day Love and Kindness Countdown Calendar
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet While January is all about reflecting and making goals for the new year, February is the month of love. Whether you are…
Homemade Seitan Recipe
One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants makes this amazing “Chicken” fried seitan dinner that's so good and makes me think of growing up on a farm. These days, I try to recreate a lot…
cbd tea latte
Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte
Today we have a great CBD recipe. Our Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte is so good and a gentle way practice some self-care. I love starting my day off knowing that I can do…
Blueberry Lemon Jam
Blueberry Lemon Jam
Sweet tender blueberries, tart fresh lemons. This is my favorite combination of sweet and tart. That's why we decided to can a few jars of blueberry lemon jam and share that recipe with you.…
Spicy Sweet Latte
INGREDIENTS 2 shot(s) espresso 1 pump  peppermint syrup 2 pumps White Chocolate Syrup 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon Pinch of ancho, chipotle or cayenne pepper Fill with  8 oz steamed milk
Problem with Your Wife's or Husband's Snoring?
Do you snore or live with someone who does? This week, guest blogger Katherine Dilworth shares her tips for helping your partner stop snoring so you both can have a better night's sleep both at home…

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