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15 Fun Hanukkah Crafts
15 Fun Hanukkah Crafts for Families This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission on with no added fee to your purchase. It's been a long year. It might feel like…
Be Mindful, Be Grateful
“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart That's my meditation that I've been focused on for the last few days. Being mindful of not…
Weighted blanket2
Weighted Blankets – What You Need To Know
Weighted blankets have changed the way my husband and I sleep, and now we won't sleep without them! Weighted blankets are helpful for not just insomnia and anxiety, but for us; they have allowed…
CBD Oil For Lyme Disease Pain
Before trying CBD oil for my Lyme Disease pain, I struggled to get through the day. I lived in pain and frustration. But now I can enjoy my life.
cbd tea latte
Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte
Today we have a great CBD recipe. Our Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte is so good and a gentle way practice some self-care. I love starting my day off knowing that I can do…
Blueberry Lemon Jam
Blueberry Lemon Jam
Sweet tender blueberries, tart fresh lemons. This is my favorite combination of sweet and tart. That's why we decided to can a few jars of blueberry lemon jam and share that recipe with you.…
Spicy Sweet Latte
INGREDIENTS 2 shot(s) espresso 1 pump  peppermint syrup 2 pumps White Chocolate Syrup 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon Pinch of ancho, chipotle or cayenne pepper Fill with  8 oz steamed milk
Smore's Matzo Cracked Candy
Passover is here and one of the most requested dishes, after my vegetarian Matzo ball soup, is our “Matzo Crack” recipe. It's so easy that you can make this with the kids and swap…
Problem with Your Wife's or Husband's Snoring?
Do you snore or live with someone who does? This week, guest blogger Katherine Dilworth shares her tips for helping your partner stop snoring so you both can have a better night's sleep both at home…
It’s HOT! Like most people, I’ve been trying to find ways to stay cool and not think about how hot it is. And today I have to tell you, I have been so distracted…
Why Talk About Your Challenges?
“When you know your ‘Why', your ‘What' has more impact, because you're walking in or towards your purpose.” – Michael Jr. (This post includes affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make…
CBD for Anxiety
Life can be a stressful for anyone. But when you live with anxiety, stress is multiplied. I use CBD to help me cope with stress and it helps me avoid panic attacks. You can…

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