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Every Good Farmhouse

Has a few Dogs, Has a few Weeds, Has a few Recipes, Has a few Stories

The Best Story My Dad Ever Told
Dad died suddenly and without warning. I found out on Facebook. He was a storyteller, a dreamer, and, most of all, a quiet man who loved animals. My favorite story my Dad told me-…
Crucial Reasons To Be an Advocate for Bees
You’ve probably heard about the “Save the bees” movement and just shrugged it off; however, you should know that the bee population is declining. Whether or not you know it, you and your family…
Is Motherhood Giving Yourself Up?
I heard this question the other day and it has pulled at me for a while.  Is Motherhood giving yourself up? Yes, and it doesn’t have to be.  But the real answer is yes,…
10 Healthy Make Ahead Recipes For Breakfast
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could relax in the morning instead of rushing to make a healthy breakfast? Well, now you can! We gathered 10 healthy make-ahead recipes you can put together for…
How To Practice Self-Care As A Women Over 40
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet Whether you’ve had a rough week or just feel like you need a reset before Monday knocks on your door, taking time…
Roller Coaster
My Truth About Panic Attacks
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet Like millions of other people, I live with panic attacks and let me tell you, they are SCARY! Even though I manage…
Wellness Tips For A Stress Free Year
When you learn how to manage your wellness, you learn how to help your mind and body to move through the hard days with ease. Learning how to let go of stress is crucial,…

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