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Every Good Farmhouse

Has a few Dogs, Has a few Weeds, Has a few Recipes, Has a few Stories

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake Recipe
When I think of the flavors of fall, I think of apples, pumpkin spice, and warm savory flavors. That's why I love these pumpkin spice cupcakes, because you can customize them to suit your…
Pescatarian Recipes
5 Easy Summer Pescatarian Recipes
When the weather starts to turn up the heat, we like to turn up the flavor in our kitchen. I look for recipes full of color, fresh in-season fruits and veggies, and not a…
Buyer Beware: Zenified Pain Relief Pen
Buyer Beware: Zenified Pain Relief Pen Hey everyone, I have another product for all of you to beware of.  The Zenified pain relief pen. It's been advertised on Facebook and their website as a…
Soup in a coffee mug? Oh my!
There are sometimes when you just have to stop and drool. This happened to me today when I was playing around on  Pinterest, which.. I love cause it's so much fun and wastes so much…
Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins
In the winter, when the weather is cold and dark, I love to get in the kitchen and make something that fills the house with warm smells that bring everyone into the kitchen to…
Review – Baking “Hard Boiled” Eggs
Last week I tried this new trend in making hard boiled eggs in the oven. It's been going around the internet and I had some time to test it.  So I thought I'd give…

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