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Every Good Farmhouse

Has a few Dogs, Has a few Weeds, Has a few Recipes, Has a few Stories

Brussels Sprout Recipes
Brussel sprouts are no longer the most hated vegetables! Now they are full of flavor and served in new ways and we are craving them.  We have a collection of fun new ways to…
Everything You Need for a Cozy Fall Bonfire
What better way is there to spend an autumn evening than around a fire with your friends? Here’s everything you need for a cozy fall bonfire. When the weather gets colder, there’s no better…
CBD Coffee2
How To Make CBD Coffee At Home
Did you know that making CBD coffee at home is easy and can improve your relationship with coffee? We share how we make CBD Coffee and some fun variations. I love coffee, but I…
Paneer Makhni (
Easy Homemade Paneer Makhani
Friends and family are always asking for my vegetarian recipes. This is one of those favorite recipes that we have enjoyed. It's not hard to find great vegetarian recipes that don't require a lot…
Vegetarian “Beef” Kreplach Recipe
Have you ever had  kreplach? It's meaty, savory, and perfect for cozy winter nights. We made this classic recipe vegetarian, and it turned out so good! We've been traveling, and that means eating out…

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