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DIY Spa Gift Basket Ideas and Recipes
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet Making yourself a priority sounds great, but is usually set on the back-burner for most people. With the hustle and bustle of…
Amazing St. Patrick's Day Recipes
Share on facebook Share Share on pinterest Pin Share on twitter Tweet I love St. Patrick's Day! We collected some of our favorite St. Patrick's day recipes for treats for all ages. From cookies…
Butternut Squash Enchilada Recipe
Spiced Butternut Squash Enchiladas
Vegetarian Made Easy! Like what you see?  Share it with your friends! Creamy,spiced, with just a subtle hint of cinnamon.  Our butternut squash enchiladas are out of this world! I first started making this…
10 Recipes To Wow Holiday Guests
It's Holiday Party Time! Hey Everyone! It's time for holiday parties and swanky galas! We have a few of our favorite holiday party recipes guaranteed to wow your guests and make your parties the…
Latte of the Week: London Fog
It has been raining and snowing for months. In fact this has been one of the wettest and snowiest winters on record in the Seattle area.  And I am done with it! This week's…
Curried Sweet Potato Apple Bisque
Fall is my favorite time to make soups, stews, and bisques.  As soon as the weather starts to cool, the first fires are lit, I am in the kitchen making a huge pot of…
holding space
Holding Space
Being able to hold space for someone else means that you know you are able to be the calm in the room, knowing that things might get ugly and accepting that moment. Holding space…
In sickness and in health
When we got married, we had a lot of crazy things on our minds. For us, it was already complicated.  We started things off by throwing every obstacle in the world at our marriage. …

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