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Every Good Farmhouse

Has a few Dogs, Has a few Weeds, Has a few Recipes, Has a few Stories

Fall entertaining
How To Entertain Outdoors This Fall
Fall is here and we have had a few months of getting used to socially distanced get-togethers. Today we have some fun ideas for entertaining outdoors on your patio this fall so you can…
The Bell Witch
When I was a little girl, living in rural Tennessee, the story of the Bell Witch was as common as any story ever told. The Witch was real and so was her trail of…
Kitchen Facelift2
How To Give Your Kitchen A Facelift
While January is all about reflecting and making goals for the new year, February is the month of love. Whether you are excited about the DIY Valentine’s Day gift you have planned or you’d…
Apple Vanilla Hibiscus Tea
The weather here in the PNW has been crazy this week. So I wanted something sweet and unique.  Have you tried Hibiscus tea? Well this is a sweet vanilla twist with just a hint…
Thai Chili and Garlic sauce
Thai Sweet Chili and Garlic Sauce Recipe
Thai Sweet Chili and Garlic Sauce Recipe Hey everyone, life is starting to settle down for us here at the new house.  I love how it is really coming together. Even though I feel…
Thai Tea
Thai Iced Tea
5 cups water 6 bags black tea or red Thai tea, or 1 1/2 tablespoons loose tea - you want to use a good quality tea for the best flavor.   Try Ceylon, Assam or…
holding space
Holding Space
Being able to hold space for someone else means that you know you are able to be the calm in the room, knowing that things might get ugly and accepting that moment. Holding space…
In sickness and in health
When we got married, we had a lot of crazy things on our minds. For us, it was already complicated.  We started things off by throwing every obstacle in the world at our marriage. …

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