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Meet Crysta From Dancing With Fireflies

About Crysta

I grew up a Southern Girl, drinking sweet tea and learning how to grow food for the table. My family instilled the values of working hard and exploring my creative side. And I hopefully have passed that down to our 5 kids and all of the many others that have called our house “home” through the years.

I love to cook, garden, and spend time with my dogs Wynter and Riley.

I love natural remedies and holistic treatments, so I grow as much as I can in my garden and share those remedies with our readers.

We love CBD and believe that cannabis is so helpful, so we have recipes and tips for using CBD and cannabis in your daily life. 

You can also find my other blog Nerd Mama HERE. It's packed full of smart home living, tech tips, and gadget reviews. 

This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission on with no added fee to your purchase.

Our family just keeps growing! In addition to our 5 kids, who have all grown up and live throughout the country.  We also have a beautiful granddaughter that has taught us patiences and given us so much laughter. 


You can follow along with our daily life on our Instagram Page

We also have two dogs, Wynter and Riley. We feature a lot of dog product reviews for our picky, silly, best friends. 

Dancing With Fireflies

Dancing With Fireflies is a name that comes from a moment when I was a little girl. I was adopted and moved around a lot when I was little. As a result I felt very alone, didn't have friends my own age, and often would wander off on my own. One night I wandered off into a field, I looked around and felt so small in this big world. 

I looked up into the sky and asked “Am I all alone?”

I was small and scared. It was getting darker and darker and I was worried be eaten by coyotes that began to yelp all around me.  That's when the fireflies came up from the ground and danced around magically, letting me know that no matter how dark the world gets I am never truly alone. 

Living with Lyme Disease and Anxiety came feel like you are all alone, but we hope here we can show you that you are never truly alone, that in the dark moments there are sparks of life that dance to music it's sometimes hard to hear.

Tales From Our Farmhouse

Welcome to our farmhouse life. We love sharing stories about raising 5 amazing humans, simple living, handmade projects and easy to follow recipes. 

We build our house in the country and filled it with light, fun home gadgets for my nerdy husband, and plenty of room in the kitchen to create amazing dishes to share with friends and family.

My husband, Michael and I, always dreamed of a country farmhouse with plenty of room to grow a garden, let the dogs snooze on the porch, and find some peace and quiet after leaving life in Seattle.

So we took the leap, packed up everything and left the rain for wide open fields and fireflies in the summer night. We named our home Firefly Garden and spend every night under this big sky being thankful for all that we have.

You can take a peek at our Farmhouse Kitchen HERE.

Our Philosophy

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