Friday’s Five Favorite Things

Hey everyone! I wanted to try something new with you and see how you like it. It’s my Five Favorite Things list and I would love to know what you think. Some of the items are things I think would make good gifts, Father’s Day is coming up fast.  And others are things that I have actually used and love.

happy Wynter

This week I wanted to share some cool things for summer since the weather here in Seattle has been amazing and so hot. We are having record breaking heat in May already, so I know this year is going to be a fun and hot summer.

Make Pizza in the BBQ!

Kettle Pizza has perfected grilling pizza.  I’ve tried doing it a few times with my smoker grill after falling in love with the idea of a smokey gourmet cheese pizza.  But actually getting it to work was a little more work than I had planned.


Kettle Pizza actually figured out how to evenly cook your pizza out on the grill. The trick is the special box style that gets your edges crispy and helps to keep the heat against the pizza when the lid is opened.  So when it’s hot this summer and you just don’t want to heat up the kitchen, this makes a great alternative AND an awesome gift for the Grill Master in your family.

Spinning Rings

This year I promised myself that I was going to take more time to slow down and practice some solid mindfulness. 2017 was stressful and I really struggled to keep my focus and move forward. So this year I’ve dedicated more time for turning off and tuning in.

Spinning Lotus Ring For Meditation, “Breathe”

These mixed metal rings are created with meditation in mind. You can spin the outer band! The idea is to slowly take a deep breath in and out with each turn of the ring to promote calm and find your center.  I think it is a great thing to fidget with when you are bored.  But both work!

Renting Children’s Clothes

When my kids were little I dreamed of dressing them up for adorable family photos, attending special events with them looking like I had a million bucks, and yet when I would look at the cost of dressing them up I choked. Let’s face it, clothes are expensive and if they can only wear it once, it isn’t a good investment. That’s why I like Rainey’s Closet.  You can rent the clothes for weddings, photos, ect.  and then return them.  Renting is so much cheaper!!  Check out their video and then take 15% off First Order at Rainey’s Closet, sign up for email newsletter on site, exp 12/31!

Travel Through Food

Every time I tell friends that I am about to head to a new country or place, I am always surprised when they ask me for a certain food to bring back for them. When I went to London a few months back several people had me wandering the markets looking for snacks that I’d never heard of before.

This week I discovered TopMunch Snacks   They do a monthly box of snacks from around the world. Each month is a different location full of cool snacks. Maybe you have a friend who dreams of travel, this is a great gift!  Or maybe like my friend Stacy, you know someone who is always snacking on something.  This is a cool treat for college kids away at school or even an elderly loved one who loves to get something new.  I just love it.


Joint and Flexibility treats for my dogs

Wynter is getting older. I’ve seen her trying to play as hard with her buddy Riley as she used to be able to play, but she started slowing down.  That’s when we realized she’s almost 9 and maybe she was starting to get a little stiff.


Wynter is my best friend, and to say I love my dog is an understatement.  I LOVE my dog with my entire existence.  So I started looking around for something that might help her feel a little better.  That’s when I discovered these treats that could relieve her stiffness and if she wasn’t feeling well, even give her some pain relief.

But here’s the thing about Wynter…. she is probably one of the pickiest dogs I’ve ever met. She won’t just eat anything.  In fact it is often a challenge for local pet vendors to try to find something she will take. Most of the time she might sniff at it, but that is as much interest as she’ll give most things. But I had to take a chance to try something.  TruDog offered a money-back guarantee that if she didn’t like them, I could return it.  So I went for it.


She likes them!!!

But what I love more than her affection for her morning treats is that after a week I started seeing her running around and playing more and for longer. She runs again, sometimes I hear her jumping on the bed upstairs and then running at full speed back down the stairs and into the living room. She actually seems to feel great. And for that, I am so thankful for TruDog for giving my sweet girl a life a little more free.

What are YOUR favorite things?

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