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Crazy or just the Lyme disease?

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It's likely that I've had Chronic Lyme disease most of my adult life. I've been misdiagnosed a few times with MS, Parkinson's, a possible brain tumor, PCOS, Insulin issues, Chronic Fatigue, and more. But the root of what I have was caused by a tiny tick bite that gave me Lyme Disease.

I lived my whole life tired, in pain, and knowing something wasn't right. I worried night and day, I counted heartbeats and planned my funeral.  Nobody, even my doctors believed me. I was encouraged to seek psychiatric therapy because my body was telling my brain something that medical doctors couldn't see.

It started with a tick.

After 15 years of struggle and fear, by accident, the answer was Lyme Disease.

I think sometimes that I had to wait for science to catch up to my disease or maybe I had to learn how to forgive my body for not living up to my expectations.

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Now,I have a great doctor who is willing to keep up on my treatment and work with me to be able to live with low symptoms.  But like other long-term diseases, there are days when the disease makes a showing and you have to take a step back from the rest of your day and pay attention to your body and needs.

Flare-Ups change the way you think.

I can tell when I am starting to flare up, my body just plain hurts, I feel just off, and sometimes it's like having the flu only without the snot and coughs. Then it's time to go back on treatment with high doses of antibiotics, rest, and trying to get through the detox that makes me feel worse and even a bit crazy.


Pain is terrifying. Living in pain and fear takes a toll on your mental health. I've been in and out of therapy for many years. Sometimes I just need reassurance and other times I need assistance bringing myself to a calm place.

I know that I can be forgetful, misplace words and insert new ones, and I am terrible with names and faces.  But I am not crazy.

There are sometimes other moments where I just feel like I just am not right. I have to look carefully at my actions and thoughts all the time.

The Lyme and Mental Illness Link

I found an interesting article relating Chronic Lyme to some interesting psychological issues.

“A recent European study shows that psychiatric in-patients are nearly twice as likely as the average population to test positive for Lyme, and the National Institutes of Health are currently sponsoring a major study of neuropsychiatric Lyme disease in an effort to illuminate specific changes in the brain”

How sad that there might have been so many people put into mental hospitals with issues that could have been treated with antibiotics.  But what sort of mental issues?  According to Debra Solomon, MD, a psychiatrist who practices in North Kingston, RI.

“How can a physician tell the difference between true mental illness and symptoms linked to Lyme disease? With Lyme disease, a patient’s psychiatric symptoms don’t quite fit the textbook definition. There is usually no previous history of psychiatric illness. Symptoms often come in cycles. Patients usually do not respond well to psychiatric medication. And they often describe their problems in very physical terms.

Lyme patients often say, “There’s a wall in my brain and I can’t seem to move my thoughts from the back to the front.” “This arises from encephalopathy, an inflammation in the brain that affects cognitive function,” Solomon explains.

Symptoms are said to worsen as the Lyme bacteria grow active and begin to reproduce, which is what I call a flare-up. It's usually when I know to go see my doctor for treatment. But mentally it's hard to tell what's just a mood change and what's a flare-up. So how does having Lyme disease affect how I deal with other people? Dr. Virginia Sherr a psychiatrist in PA has this to say:

“My patients come in to talk about their marital problems and are surprised to learn that they are linked to an organic illness,”  Ninety percent of Sherr’s patients test positive for Lyme disease. She then has the job of describing to them just how this condition can affect the mind and the emotions.

Lyme disease can cause increasing irritability and dramatic flares of anger, says Sherr. “Suddenly you hear bone-cutting verbal assaults from people who are usually more measured and benign. They may have been harboring some small grievance for years, then that hot spot comes to life and they spew out all this venom. Such outbursts cause lasting wounds.”

Lyme is a tough disease to have and even tougher to diagnose. There has to be so many people living with this that have just no idea of what's happening to them and have lost so much due to its effects on them.

Mental Health and Physical Health

From the loss of jobs, loss of health, and even the loss of support in their families and friends, these people just see so much hardship without reason.  It's no wonder that depression is a big problem among Lyme Disease patients.


Robert Bransfield, MD, a psychiatrist in Red Bank, New Jersey even relates the illness to marital problems that can show up in domestic violence cases, child abuse, and how people lash out at other people. “Lyme disease is like an injury of the brain,” says Bransfield. “Patients  are less able to think things through, and tend to act impulsively”

People with Lyme disease aren't crazy.

I know that I personally have a problem with how they react to certain stressful situations. My hands get so cold, I lose circulation, and I just shut down.

Over 40 million Americans are impacted by anxiety disorders each year according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

I deal with panic attacks now that I've turned 40+ and I work with anxiety over my health issues. The most beneficial thing that I've discovered is the use of CBD oil to treat my inflammation and anxiety without any side effects and NO it doesn't get you high.

As of 2018, there are a total of 46 states (including the 8 states mentioned above) where CBD is legal with a prescription for medicinal usage.

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. And you can take the oil orally or topically.  I've done bone and it is wonderful for pain and for anxiety.

Joy Organics - Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil

Feeling suicidal is a known issue with Lyme patients and doctors need to be aware if these feelings come up. Even reacting to certain medications, the psychological effects can be multiplied. Suicide is one of the top reasons for Lyme related deaths.


Medications can make you feel worse and mentally challenge you.

During one of my treatments, I kept having the feeling like my thoughts were all screwed up. With each dose of my medication, I would be overwhelmed with the desire to end it all.  I didn't want to live anymore, didn't want my family to have to see me that way, and I darn sure didn't want to keep taking all of the medications I was under.

After a few days, I spoke with my doctor who said he wished he'd known I was going through that because one of the rare side effects of the medication was depression and suicidal thoughts. Now that medication is on my “Do Not Take” list.

Lyme does change the way you react and think.

Lyme produces a microedema, or swelling in the brain. It changes the way you react, the way you think, and causes blockages of thoughts. But the good news is that there is treatments that do work and doctors who are becoming more and more aware of the disease and options.

So please don't think there's no hope if you are living with Chronic Lyme disease.  Talk to your doctor about everything from your aches and pains to your really bad days.

To learn more about Lyme disease and to find a physician in your area, go to the ILADS’ website at www.ilads.org. Other helpful sources include the Lyme Disease Association (www.lymediseaseassociation.org) and the Lyme Disease Network (www.Lymenet.org)

Also this blog was written after reading the article The psychological effects of Lyme disease:Can a tick bite drive you crazy?

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51 thoughts on “Crazy or just the Lyme disease?”

  1. Thank you so much for your insightful comments. My husband has chronic lymes and reading things like this helps me to be patients and compassionate about what he is going through. It also helps me not to take his actions personally. Thanks again…hope you have more good days than bad!

    1. I am so glad I could help! Honestly, the summer is the hardest time for me because of the heat. So I haven’t been feeling like posting. But your response has gotten me out of my funk and given me more of a reason to write. I hope your hubby knows how lucky he is to have a sweet wife like you who cares enough to try to find answers.

      1. I have a friend who has chronic lymes and I had experienced what most people would refer to as personality disorder. I was going crazy trying to wrap my mind over some inconsistent decision making of hers, contradicting behavior such as saying ine thing and doing another-even paranoid sometimes. My friend is a Dental Hygienist and is what I consider to be intelligent and logical, but when she gets her flare it seems to affect her mood. At one point I thought she was absolutely crazy! Is this normal? Can someone with Lyme’s exhibit traits of mental illness? I assume since Lyme’s affects the entire body, it would have major effects on the brain.

        1. I would say that Lyme can certainly aggravate a mental illness. Lyme has been known to cause depression and anxiety, both can exasperate a mental health issue. I strongly recommend therapy for anyone with Lyme because it is overwhelming and support is needed.

          1. so you have fireflies in your head, i call them wasps, only someone with lyme knows what its like to have wasps in there head the buzzing does not stop

      2. Thank you so much for sharing this !! I’ve been battling lymes , thr flare ups are awful , I’m going threw one now , the change of weather sets me off, it gives me such anxeity and I’m always foggy and I lowe all ambition! It’s awful because it’s not how I am usually , usually I am so happy and all over the social butterfly and this just puts me in a such a funk it’s awful , I feel like there is no end in sight I just want to feel better , any suggestions are greatly appreciated ♡ I have two young kids and I feel so bad when the flare up happens it takes such a toll I can’t be playing and holding them because it hurts so much. My hands hurt now texting this , uhh. Ty ladies xxoo

      3. My girl friend had Lymes and we had to part ways . Her actions and abuse got out of hand. For my mental sanity it was better. I stuck around for years still . She found a great doctor in Florida and while under treatment, her abuse to me continued and made me change as a person . I loved her a lot but I couldn’t handle the mental abuse and torture she put me through

        1. Dancing with Fireflies

          I am so sorry to hear that. Loving someone who has a chemical imbalance is hard. But it sounds like maybe, it wasn’t just the Lyme but the person she was. It’s easy to blame an illness because it makes the disease the bad guy. Sometimes, people are just mean.

          Robert, good for you for taking control of YOUR life and seeing that sometimes you have to let go in order to heal yourself. That’s so hard to do. This blog isn’t about blaming Lyme for changing people. It’s for people to live beyond a diagnosis, and that includes you too.

          Keep in touch! I’ d love to hear the good things that happen for you.

  2. I have chronic lymes. It started with chronic insomnia. 20 drs to get diagnosis. I unfortunately take like 5 things to sleep(big mistake…benzos are the worst of the bunch& never get deep sleep. Long story short it’s created horrible marital problems. We have children(always nice too) my wife thinks lymes & benzo withdrawal is an excuse if grumpy.A spouse that is supportive & researches illnesses is a blessing if u have.

    1. I completely understand what you are saying. There are so many ups and downs with Lyme. You really have no idea what you are going to get until you are right in the middle of it!

      Thankfully I have an incredible husband who understands that some days my skin just hurts and he has to give me some space and other times I feel perfectly fine.

      Really consider taking a good Adrenal Support supplement, it helps with sleep as well as the moods.

      Good luck!

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  4. My mom is suffering from chronic lyme. Every night she cries herself to sleep and says she doesn’t want to be alive anymore. This is really hard for me because I wish I could do something to help but I can’t. She says the doctors don’t help but she is now In a wheel chair, lost most of her friends and doesn’t leave the house. This breaks my heart because I know what she used to be like, social, fun, active, organized and had lots of friends but my younger siblings don’t know the real her. I don’t want them to grow up remembering her like this.. I am a senior girl in highschool and my youngest sister is in 5th grade. Do you have any advice or anything? Please

    1. I wish I could hug you tight. I am so sorry that you are going through this. She is scared and frustrated, there is a lot to deal with.

      It sounds like your Mom needs to start taking her health into her own hands. I would strongly suggest she goes to see a neuro chiropractor or a holistic doctor and ask them to test her Adrenal system. It sounds like her hormones are way out of wack and most Lyme patients do not take prescription pills well.

      I take a daily does of an Adrenal Support vitamin and one called Sepherous. Both really really helped steady my moods and help with anxiety. I have 4 kids who also had to try to learn how to figure out what was happening with me when I was first diagnosed 12 years ago.

      Lyme can be treated. You can live with it and you can even get better. You need a lyme specialist, you need to experiment to find out what is working and what isn’t. You need to fight for the quality of life that you want for yourself and your family.

      I have chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia as side effects of having Lyme. Some days it is hard to move and other days I am on top of my care and I barely notice.

      You are a wonderful daughter and I know your Mom is thankful to have you.

      1. She definitely needs to find a lyme specialist in her area if she isn’t already seeing one. Lymenet.com can help. Or google “How to find a lyme specialist”. They can be hard to find…

    2. Alex, I know you wrote this back in April but it struck such a chord with me I wanted to try and reach out. I was diagnosed when my son was in 5th grade, he is now in college and it has always been my deepest regret that he couldn’t possibly remember me as me. I obviously didn’t know it but the truth is I have probably had Lyme since before he was born but the more disabled I have become the less active…the less like the person I wish I could be. How lucky your mom is to have you and that you are so compassionate and understanding, how lucky your siblings are too. While my son knows and recognize how much I and our family have been effected by my illness he never really had the opportunity to know that other side. I think he sort of knows this and can imagine but doesn’t have quite the memories you do to hang on too. So really he falls somewhere in between you and your youngest sibling, funny. I imagine it’s a bit like divorce and the different effect’s and perspectives that has on each of the children partly based on their age at the time… I’m not sure where I’m going with this, I don’t have answers but I’m happy to chat any time and it seems to me that perhaps a circle of Children of Lyme patients (or even chronic illness) might be helpful to each of those children… What do you think?

    3. I was om 25 pills a day just tp survive , recently due to other illness I began taking something called sovereign silver Within less than a week the depression totally lifted. I have many other symptoms And I’m getting better everyday. I am not saying for your mom to just start taking what I am taking But I can give the info to you guys you can contact the company And speak with a doctor And do your research as I did and then decide what to do. Please contact me For more info I would love to share with you to help your mom my heart goes out to her You and your family.

  5. This was very helpful for me.i was just diagnoses 7 weeks ago with chronic lyme’s … I have had it 20 years and I also have MS ( or so my Neuro says ) I am currently herxing and raising my 2 boys without my husband. He left almost 3 years ago…we had had enough of each other. I am a mess….mostly the pain and psychological that I suffer with. My poor kids is all I can say! This is one horrific disease! I had no clue it could advance to a stage 3 and be lethal. This article helps me understand that I am not alone….Thank You!!

    1. What a plate full you have!

      I would say the biggest thing you should take in is this. YOU can control your Lyme, it does NOT control YOU.

      If you were diagnosed with Lyme, I would seriously get a second opinion if you actually have MS. Since Lyme and MS are very similar it is hard to know how to move forward with your treatments.

      Clean thoughts, clean living, and reducing your stress helps to fight Lyme like nothing else.

      You are not alone! ~ C. ~

      1. Hi – I just read an article that was so against Lyme disease or CLD and it’s good to know that there are other out there who believe it at least exists. I went through so many very real symptoms and am in recovery now. It’s crazy they think it doesn’t exist. I went from doctor to doctor for years trying to get diagnosed with the “right” mental illness. None of them fit, and after taking medication for different things, I finally said, that’s enough, and stopped it all in order to find out not only what was wrong but what was wrong with my body and health too, which I could tell were affected. I wish you well in your recovery, and thanks for the support.

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  7. This was a great blog. I am a verbally/emotionally abused parent of a lyme victim. I think part of it is the fault of 6 brain infections (2 which are chronic). I have been called ugly names, accused of things I did not think or say, even while financially supporting the person and helping all I could. The problem with the mental issues caused by lyme, the victim having a hard head and not cooperating with parent suggesting or trying to help make critical decisions, but turning on the parent making an impossible situation to get along or to try to help work out problems. It leaves no alternative but to cut off relationships -period. It’s almost a situation where the sick person needs to be declared incompetent and a parent step in to handle business matters, but the sick still has enough function to prevent any such action and continue on their own to be irresponsible, create messes and chaos out of financial and critical matters. When the sick one is an adult but can’t seem to function as one there isn’t much success in attempted efforts to help. It creates more friction and animosity. How can a parent aid and support the sick person when they persist in having everything done their way, whether it’s detrimental to their health or not.
    Who or where can an abused parent get support in this type of situation.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.

      This might not be the help you are looking for, but just my thoughts. You can’t save everyone, not even your own children. At some point we have to let them fly, trust their wings, and let go.

      Abuse in any form is not acceptable. Not physical or mental. You know you are in an abusive relationship, you know that you need to step back. But it is so freaking hard. Your child is an adult, even with Lyme, we know what we need to do. At some point we have to own our disease, seek help, and follow through. Nobody else can do it for us.

      I have been in phases of denial, frustration, and rejection of my disease. I’ve avoided treatment, made excuses for it, and avoided getting help because the treatments are horrible, scary, and make you feel like you are going to die. I’ve screamed at my husband that he both couldn’t understand what I was going through or he hated me and wanted to see me suffer. Neither are true. But my disease was in a place where I either needed to take control of it or die.

      You gave all you could. Now let your bird fly. Either your child will take flight and navigate towards helping themselves or they will hit the ground, and then try to figure out what they are doing. This isn’t your battle.

      You need to seek out support for yourself, therapy for the abuse and for learning how to let go.

      I am so sorry. I wish I was more help.

  8. Hi Crysta! Thanks for following my blog.
    I also have chronic Lyme disease, but reading some of these comments made me realise how lucky I am. I have chronic fatigue and a dropped foot, but I’m controlling it at the moment with the help of a great German doctor who I found by chance through my gynecologist who’s a German married to a Greek. (I live in Greece). I’m not taking any antibiotics (I took a lot when first diagnosed) but am on a course of NUTRAMEDIX, which are plants from the Amazonian forest with strong antibacterial properties. Apparently the new research says that most people with Lyme also get coinfections of other bacteria as well as viruses (and for viruses you must not take antibiotics).
    The other thing that’s helped me, which I realise is not for everyone, is horses. I’m a rider, and I continued riding even when I was sick as a dog and could only manage walking slowly for 20′. Horses give you positive energy, and calm, they are better than therapy. It’s what kept me human through the worst of it. Even if you don’t ride, you can do equine guided therapy. Just an idea.
    Anyway, if anyone wants any info I’ll be more than glad to help. My email is AthensLetters@gmail.com
    Good luck with everything. Marina

    1. I fully agree. Some seem to suffer much more than others. I have tremors, a dropped foot, liver and heart issues, and a few other fun things. I have a service dog and a great support system. I also only take antibiotics for extreme measures, I get chronic pneumonia. I use turmeric, red light therapy, massage, and became a vegetarian.

      I love the equine therapy idea!

      Thanks for reading. I don’t write too much about Lyme because I don’t like giving it too much power in my life. But I know I have a story to share. So from time to time I try to spend a little time talking about it.

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  10. Hi,
    I’m a 35 year old mother, wife, and sufferer of chronic Lyme disease for the past 3 years or more. My symptoms became full blown and cycling 3 years ago after getting chicken pox and then mono. My Lyme was inconclusive but considered by CDC to be negative on multiple occasions. My frustration currently center around the 10th time of being told I need a psychiatrist because no one knows why you just woke up one day with these symptoms. Sooo, I said back “so I use my mind to make my face go completely numb along with the permanent muscle and nerve loss in my left arm and hand? So I use my mind to make physical signs of joint swelling along with peripheral signs you can see?” Needless to say this bozo md did not have anything to reply back with but “it’s not unheard of and if you don’t like what I said then you are in denial.” My last comment to him was, “no, you are in denial of real symptoms and that this exists. I’m not in denial, I’m fighting to survive”
    Why is it that the send off to a psychiatrist is constantly being thrown at chronic Lyme sufferers, majority are women?

    1. I wish I knew the answer. Sadly, I went to therapist after therapist and the only thing that came out of it was a better understanding of myself, my fears of being sick examined, and the training to trust my instincts.

      Some of us need therapists even after we are diagnosed. It is a helpful tool in our combat to fight Lyme, to know for sure what is mental and what is physical. Many of us have anxiety related to having an illness.

      Hold strong, be your own advocate!

      Good luck my friend!

      1. Dancing with fireflies:
        This week I will be asking my amazing new MD for a referral to see someone either psychologist or psychiatrist. Which one do most Lyme sufferers usually see? Any opinion on which of the two are better versed in treating Lyme sufferers?
        My choice to finally do this was well talked over with my husband and new MD and because this MD took his time to discuss why I should consider seeing someone was why I agreed. MD didn’t talk down to me about it and he didn’t tell me to see someone because it’s all in my head. He’s a godsend that finally showed up in this journey of mine. He even stated that the referral is for reasoning of a chronic illness and disease for help dealing with newly diagnosed progressive rapid MS. It’s amazing how an MD like the one I found could make a difference in our lives.

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  12. My wife is in a mental institution skyline mental health TN for 4 days now and I need help. I’m a firefighter paramedic in KY. She’s a Lyme Patient and her 3 kids and I are losing her. Please someone help me. Please her name is Candice Kreidel I am Kynan Kreidel 928 234 3627. Please help our family. We’re broken and she is an amazing woman. Docs don’t believe her and I’m afraid I won’t get her back

    1. I am so sorry to hear this. Maybe it is good to give her time to work through this. I know it must be so scary. Mental health issues are often more difficult for the families. Her Lyme is probably aggravating something underlying that maybe they can help her with. Be calm and supportive.

  13. Thank you for the information and beautiful art work. I started antibiotic treatment after proper diagnostec work. I had some of the same symptoms and this is helpful.

  14. A friend of mine, well my ex girlfriend was diagnosed with Lymes disease. We talked recently. Alot of what is being mentioned about an increase in irritability and depression, is really helping me understand. This disease has changed her tremendously. She still seems to be the same person but at times, she looses track of the purpose of what were doing. She gets very angry. She is very hypervigent.

    I had been really worried about her agitation. Now after reading more about Lymes disease I have some more understanding about it.

    It must be horrible for her to be confused, when she normally was so quick and comprehended things so easily.

    1. She has a very good friend in you. To take time to try to understand where she is coming from and to even try to help, that is a beautiful thing. I know I’m not the person I wanted to be, emotionally. I have days where I am in such a good place that nothing in the world can take me down. I laugh, I smile, I feel good. And I have days where everything hurts, nothing feels right. I get lost, I forget things. I feel trapped in a body that doesn’t care about my dreams.

      Anger comes when you feel like nobody believes you. When your doctors tell you that you are fine, but you know deep down that you are NOT fine. Anger comes when you know that you are losing out on precious time while stumbling around looking for something you lost. Anger comes when you know you have driven away friends and family because your hormones race, your thoughts are dark, and you are the one responsible for it all.

      I am so thankful that your friend has someone in her life that loves her, even when she feels unlovable, sick, and afraid.

  15. I know the author recommends seeing a doctor and antibiotics are obviously not the cure if the author had a relapse. I have two real remedies for Lyme, one for symptoms and one that actually kills the bacteria. Beware of the herxheimers. I doubt this will be posted or ever ready by anyone but the admin but I will try to help my fellow lyme sufferers….

    The FIRST THING YOU DO is watch the youtube video called “run from the cure”…. watch it several times until you completely realize what is being conveyed. Decarboxylated cannabis oil is the single best medicine for Lyme on this planet. Forget antibiotics, they only destroy your gut flora and promote Candida Albicans fungus which is cancer. Yes, Lyme by default causes cancer if you do not die first of heart attack or suicide.

    Pure decarboxylated cannabis oil will heal your lyme, but as Shelly White wrote in her cannabis healing lyme book, you may have to take cannabis oil for the rest of your life. Cannabis oil works for Lyme beyond what you can even imagine. You will go through hellish herxheimers, but in the end you will realize why cannabis legalization is sweeping the country. It is a miracle cure for all of the various fake diseases big pharma has made up over the last century that are in fact just a few diseases, with symptoms being made into other diseases for profit purposes and to separate the symptoms from the true disease…. Lyme

    Lastly, for people with unbearable muscle pain due to lyme….. I found that rubbing my whole body down with 99% pure DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) available in a gallon jug on Amazon for $40. Immediately after rubbing down with the DMSO (it does sting slightly for about 15 minutes) I spray myself down with pure water and as much Magnesium Chloride flakes as I can get to dissolve into the distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water. Instantly you will feel a warm sensation as the magnesium chloride reacts with the DMSO. You will feel a wave of relaxation of mind and body that is priceless for Lyme victims.

    I really pray my reply actually gets posted. I have a website that can teach you about amazing cannabis oil medicine sweeping the country. Please see http://www.flyingskunkranch.com for more cannabis medical ankinfo.

    Thank you all and bless those in horrible pain from Lyme, I know exactly how you feel.

    1. Dancing with Fireflies

      Cool! I completely agree. Pure cannabis oil actually changed my fight with Lyme. I know it has healing abilities and more people need to be vocal about their success with it.

  16. Thank you for your informative blog. I’m a long term (over 30 year) Lyme & co sufferer who, in the past few years, have become an awareness advocate and have several online Facebook groups and pages. I’m also a novice blogger (A Journey In Lyme).
    Wishing you and all of us who are left to wander the maze – validation, love and healing.
    – Roseann (Rosie Fusco on FB)

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  18. I have Chronic Lyme and was so debilitated by the disease that I had to stop working and I had to a home aide from my long care insurance take care of me and better to go back to work but I had a panic attack caused by a 3 year old hitting me and chasing me. I took the week off and had a week of hyperbaric oxygen treatment , I still get overly excited and over Christmas having a aggressive conversation with my siblings I revealed a secret to my brother about his twin teen used to feel on his sister twin in inappropriate ways and the conversation exploded and several relatives were up in my face and could not control myself and my nephew, the older brother of the twins, came toward me like he was going to hit and I slapped his face….looking back I can’t even remember the meat of the conversation that took place..but I was a live wire…my nephew did not deserve that…that day…prior to coming to the dinner I did not take anything for my adrenals or any supplements…I feel terrible…I told the family I was sorry but I don’t think they believe me…..my relationship with my siblings was the best before Lyme but now it is probably a loss..I told them that I will not come around the family members until I am healed……

    1. Dancing with Fireflies

      Karen, I am so sorry to hear about this. The holidays can be exhausting, painful, and full of anxiety. I find myself fighting tears and rage from the most innocent of comments. Having a good therapist to vent to is so helpful. Setting time limits on family/friend engagements is amazing. And learning that your disease is the fuel, but you hold the matches. Your family members won’t be angry with your disease, they are angry that things got out of control. Long term Lyme isn’t healed, it is managed… like someone living with cancer. You are living with a disease, now you need to learn how to live. I wish I could give better advice. <3 C.

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