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shrimp and corn fritters

Shrimp and corn fritters

Originally posted on Gone with the Wheat:
picture courtesy of Nothing, to my mind, is better than summer corn.  Pairing it with another favorite, shrimp, is even better.  Alas, I made these with canned corn as I could not get to the farmers market this week.  But they are versatile; so you could make these all winter long. These…

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Cashew Cheese

Originally posted on thehealthyblondeblog:
As someone who has chosen to avoid dairy, cashew cheese is quickly becoming one of my favorite substitutes- I made this with lentil pasta one evening and no one even knew it was not “real” cheese. This is how I make mine: ? 1 cup raw cashews (I soak these in water in a measuring cup…


Yam & Cannellini bean burger

Originally posted on Sati Living ॐ:
I am a veggie burger addict. Anytime I find myself in a restaurant with a veggie burger option I will rarely take other menu items into consideration. I not only enjoy trying different burgers at restaurants, I also thoroughly enjoy making them from scratch at home. I make a wide assortment of veggie burgers, and…

coconut pineapple drop biscuits 5

Fluffy Coconut Pineapple Drop Biscuits

Originally posted on Sweet Dreams:
Happy August everyone- wow July sure flew by fast!  But before the rest of summer does too, I want to share with you my recipe for these incredible coconut pineapple drop biscuits!  They’re drop-dead delicious, easy to make, and perfect as a sort of end-of-summer, tropical breakfast treat. . Before I go into the mouthwatering details and…

Guest Blogger - Eric Carrell

Best Street Foods in Southeast Asia – Eric Carrell

This week I am thrilled to have Eric Carrell from True North Athletics, guest blogging for us. I hope you will enjoy his article on the best street foods to be found in Southeast Asia as much as I have. Best Street Foods in Southeast Asia A region known for its mouth-watering explosion of flavours, Southeast Asia offers a huge…

guest blogger1

Guest Bloggers Wanted.

Have an extra special piece that you think is awesome and want to share it?  This week I am looking for a few people willing to share their creative talents and be our featured Guest Bloggers. General guidelines Write a post with really useful content. Write with Dancing with Firefly Readers in mind. Your post must be original and written…

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The Batik Jumpsuit – Beauty is in the Girl

Originally posted on Curves Become Her:
So this is a post done for the blog Already Pretty where I am a guest contributor but I really wanted to share this outfit here!? I purchased this jumpsuit earlier in the year and the prints really reminded me of Batik prints which originate from the Malay and Southeast Asian culture. It’s kind…

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Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Originally posted on LE ZOE MUSINGS:
Summer rolls are one of the the easiest and healthiest foods to prepare. They are excellent as appetizers or if you eat enough of them; they are basically a well-rounded lunch alternative. The beauty of Summer rolls is that you can make them out of anything! The combinations are endless. For this one, I…

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Paneer Makhani

Originally posted on Welcome to Dipal's Blog!!:
Here is my another version of paneer sabji recipe. Preparing time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Cuisine: Indian Category: Main course Ingredients Paneer(cottage cheese) – 250gm Onion (finely chopped)– 1 Large or 3 small Garlic paste – 6 cloves/ 1 tbsp Tomato – 2 Large or 4 small Butter – 3…