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Tipsy Apple Compote

Tipsy Apple Compote Recipe Like what you see?  Share it with your friends! What’s better than sweet and tart apple compote? How about making them boozy? Our friends at Cask & Kettle challenged us to come up with some new recipes for their hot cocktail pods and we took that challenge and ran with it. Well, actually it was more like sitting in my kitchen, drinking hot cocktails and having… Read More »Tipsy Apple Compote

Riley and Wynter Test Out A WagWell Subscription Box

This week we had the pleasure of trying out a fantastic dog subscription box by WagWell. For those of you who are new to subscription boxes, they are monthly delivered boxes full of treats and surprises. For our FurKids, we are very picky about what we give them. Our friends at WagWell sent us their recent organic pet subscription box to see if our picky pets would turn their noses… Read More »Riley and Wynter Test Out A WagWell Subscription Box

Lemony Peach Baby Bellini

This week we have something special for you.  It’s a new mocktail recipe AND and new product review! We share our Lemony Peach Baby Bellini recipe that’s perfect for baby showers, garden parties, and relaxing with the ladies at your next get-together. With our without the CBD, this is a sweet tart cocktail that’s sure to delight. We have been busy this summer coming up with new recipes to share,… Read More »Lemony Peach Baby Bellini

Buyer Beware: Zenified Pain Relief Pen

Buyer Beware: Zenified Pain Relief Pen Hey everyone, I have another product for all of you to beware of.  The Zenified pain relief pen. It’s been advertised on Facebook and their website as a way to help sooth pain and help with blood circulation. But what was sent was a cheap plastic tens machine that runs on a AA battery.   This post contains affiliate links that I make a small… Read More »Buyer Beware: Zenified Pain Relief Pen