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Coffee Crawl – London

Like most Americans, I love a good latte. Not too sweet, not too bitter, a romance between cream and espresso, those are the qualities of a good latte for me. So when I travel finding a good latte is almost a challenge that I always accept. This visit to London I wanted to get away from the touristy things that I’ve done before and try something different… a coffee crawl… Read More »Coffee Crawl – London


DaTerra Cucina Pans – Why We Adore Them

I LOVE my cast iron pans. In fact, until this week, I would have never have believed that I’d ever have anything else in my kitchen. Thanks to DaTerra Cucina, I now know there is more than cast iron. Their Ceramic Non-stick pans are fantastic. I received my pan directly from Kathrin at DaTerra, and I am thrilled to give them my honest review. The downside to cast iron As… Read More »DaTerra Cucina Pans – Why We Adore Them

15 Reasons To Use A Non-plastic Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

Not all essential oil diffusers are the same We looked high and low to find a non-plastic waterless essential oil diffuser. And we found one little machine that packs a powerful punch and rose above the rest. Do you love essential oils but not the plastic that many diffusers are made of? We tested Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizing Diffusers and we share our thoughts about the newest innovations in aromatherapy.… Read More »15 Reasons To Use A Non-plastic Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

CBD Product REview - Green Grove CBD

Firefly Review: Green Grove CBD Does It Again!

Hey Everyone!  We have a great new review from our friends over at Green Grove CBD.  They sent us a few of their best selling products to try and we are giving you our honest reviews of each of them. All of our reviews are our own opinions and we know you appreciate that honesty. (This post includes affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase… Read More »Firefly Review: Green Grove CBD Does It Again!