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Recommended Products

These are the products that we recommend based on integrity, products, and we feel good about sharing with you!

5 Delivery Boxes To Learn How To Bake

Hey everyone! Have you been wishing you could learn how to bake but don’t know where to start? We have 15 great suggestions on where to start without leaving your home. I am a cook.  I can usually recreate any dish I’ve tried and I actually love to cook.  I have a pantry full of spices and as my daughter says, I can make a full meal out of condiments… Read More »5 Delivery Boxes To Learn How To Bake


Tackling Plastic Pollution with Dropps

Hey everyone, we introducing our new blog sponsors – Dropps.  We have been using their products for a couple of weeks and I’m excited to share them with you. In celebration of Earth Day, we also have news about how to save money while saving the Earth. Let’s dig in and talk about Dropps! Not only is Dropps they are great company with wholesome products, but they sponsor our blog so… Read More »Tackling Plastic Pollution with Dropps

15 Reasons To Use A Non-plastic Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

Not all essential oil diffusers are the same We looked high and low to find a non-plastic waterless essential oil diffuser. And we found one little machine that packs a powerful punch and rose above the rest. Do you love essential oils but not the plastic that many diffusers are made of? We tested Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizing Diffusers and we share our thoughts about the newest innovations in aromatherapy.… Read More »15 Reasons To Use A Non-plastic Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser