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Organic Aromas review

Firefly Review: Organic Aromas Oil Diffuser

I love essential oils. But after I learned how bad plastic essential oil diffusers were, I immediately threw mine away. I was shocked after testing three essential oils on a plastic spoon, seeing that the next morning the oils had melted and warped the spoons.  Which is why essential oils are always sold in glass bottles. Then, Organic Aromas introduced me to their plastic-free glass oil diffusers. Glass doesn't break… Read More »Firefly Review: Organic Aromas Oil Diffuser

Introducing NakedCBD

Hey everyone! We have a brand CBD company for you today. Get ready to Get Naked! Introducing NakedCBD, a new CBD company that is focused on holistic, natural, effective options for people hoping to live a better life without pain. Naked CBD evaluates all different types and sources of CBD products, and only the products and or companies that pass their extensive requirements are offered. Only products using all natural ingredients… Read More »Introducing NakedCBD

Fabulous Friday Finds For Father’s Day

Fabulous Friday Finds We found some FABULOUS finds this week.   This week was all about finding great gifts for Father's Day. This post does contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we can buy more stuff. Yay Stuff! 1. Sunnydaze 7-Foot Air Hockey Table with Scorer Add an extra game to your rec room with this 7-foot air hockey table. The sleek looking faux dark cherry wood with black… Read More »Fabulous Friday Finds For Father’s Day