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Homemade Seitan Recipe

One of my favorite vegetarian restaurants makes this amazing “Chicken” fried seitan dinner that’s so good and makes me think of growing up on a farm. These days, I try to recreate a lot of the recipes that I miss from our travels and eating out, and our homemade seitan is so good that we don’t miss buying it in gourmet vegan shops. I love being a vegetarian.  It fits… Read More »Homemade Seitan Recipe

cbd tea latte

Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte

Today we have a great CBD recipe. Our Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte is so good and a gentle way practice some self-care. I love starting my day off knowing that I can do something simple to control how I feel, improve my health, and give myself a little self-care each morning. You can even incorporate a few minutes of mindfulness while you wait for your tea to steep.  Take… Read More »Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte

Blueberry Lemon Jam

Sweet tender blueberries, tart fresh lemons. This is my favorite combination of sweet and tart. That’s why we decided to can a few jars of blueberry lemon jam and share that recipe with you. July is the best time of year to find fresh blueberries, strawberries, and tart cherries for canning. But year-round you can usually find blueberries in the grocery store. So this is a recipe you can make… Read More »Blueberry Lemon Jam

Spicy Sweet Latte

2 shot(s) espresso
1 pump  peppermint syrup
2 pumps White Chocolate Syrup
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
Pinch of ancho, chipotle or cayenne pepper
Fill with  8 oz steamed milk

DIY Seed Bombs

Spring is here and before you know it, Mother’s day will be upon us. Today we have a great DIY that you can do with the kids for Mom or make yourself to send to someone special. But don’t forget to make a few for yourself! Seed bombs are easy to make, they are fun great gifts, and you can make them ahead of time and store them for when… Read More »DIY Seed Bombs