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9 Uplifting Things You Can Do Now To Live A Happier Life

9 Uplifting Things You Can Do Now To Live A Happier Life

  The hunt for a happier life is one that has been passed on from generation to generation. We all want to feel happier in our lives, we read about it, sing about it, and hunt for ways to be happier. The truth is, happiness happens when you aren't focused on finding it. And sometimes it's small, sometimes it's unexpected, and most of the time it's unappreciated. So what does… Read More »9 Uplifting Things You Can Do Now To Live A Happier Life

Mindfulness Monday – More Than Meditation

  Be Here. Now. It seems as simple as trying to center your thoughts and yet it is complex, harder than it looks, and much more difficult than just pulling your head out of your… well.  You know. The act of living in the moment and practicing mindful meditation is powerful. It is everything we need for living in this chaotic and sometimes terrifying world. But what is it and… Read More »Mindfulness Monday – More Than Meditation

Mindful Monday: Look Up

This week we are on the road. We are out in Snowy Seattle and the PNW. I've been trying to work in as much mindfulness and meditation as I can as we travel and explore. But it can be hard! Making time to be mindful is as much part of the practice as deep breathing. It takes effort to press pause and take time to stop being busy. Mindfulness isn't… Read More »Mindful Monday: Look Up
mindfulness and pain

Mindful Monday – Pain

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this.  I've been kind of out of it for the last week. I have been having off and on earaches for about a year. Every time I go in, they say I have some sinus inflammation and send me home to take nose sprays and decongestants. I hate being on medications!!  When you have a chronic illness like Lyme, it feels like there… Read More »Mindful Monday – Pain