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Soothing DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Ready to make your own hand sanitizer? We have an easy recipe that not only soothes your hands, but leaves them clean when you can’t get to soap and water. Let me stress this very clearly, please wash your hands with soap and water. This is not a replacement for good hygiene and this is NOT to be used around your face and eyes!     Click to go to… Read More »Soothing DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe


5 Alternative Ways to Deal With Anxiety

When the body experiences stress, the result is typically anxiety. Upon exposure to a stressor, the endocrine system triggers the release of stress hormones like cortisol. They govern the body’s fight, flight, or freeze responses. The person experiences the sensation of ‘butterflies in their stomach’ as they feel apprehensive and uncertain of an outcome. That’s how people experience regular anxiety. However, when it becomes so severe and frequent that it… Read More »5 Alternative Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Are you sticking to your goals?

Resolution Check-In: Are You Sticking to Your Goals?

How many of your made health goals at the beginning of the year? I know we did! This is the year that we are focused on achieving milestones and crossing finish lines! As we settle into the second month of 2020, it’s time to ask yourself how the beginning of the new decade is shaping up for you. Are you excited and feeling confident about the path ahead, or are… Read More »Resolution Check-In: Are You Sticking to Your Goals?