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5 Things I Wish My Friends Knew About Lyme Disease

I’ve had Lyme almost all of my life. It’s a part of me and my day to day.  I know it’s unusual, but often I forget that it is anything different from anyone else. But sometimes there are things I wish my friends knew about my life with Lyme Disease.
My battle with Lyme Disease began before I knew I had it.
Like many people I was misdiagnosed for many years before finally being diagnosed. Everything from MS to Anxiety have been on my medical records.  Lyme is commonly misdiagnosed, leaving people wondering if their friends or family are making up their illness and the victim wondering if they will ever find relief.

I was likely a small child when I was bitten by a tick carrying my future inside it. My body has been fighting an invasion since I was in elementary school. I spent my 20’s wondering why I couldn’t keep up with people my age.  Now I know.
 Sometimes I need to rest to let it catch up.
My “Resting Bitch Face” isn’t what you think.
I live with pain. Every day, every hour, something hurts somewhere.  Sometimes it’s an ache or a dull throb, other times it is the painful sting of inflammation. I manage it the best I can without meds because I know in the long run, the meds are very damaging to my other organs that are also fighting this disease.
I get tired, frustrated that I can’t get up and dance with my friends like I used to, even a little envious of a few of you who can enjoy a few cocktails and night of dancing. But my RBF is judged pretty hard even though I’m actually happy to be able to get out and hang out.
Sometimes I just can’t.
One of the hardest realities of living with Lyme is knowing that your immune system is awful.  You have to measure your strength with expectations.

It is embarrassing to have to message a friend ahead of time who has been complaining about being sick to warn her that you just can’t be with her because you can’t take the risk of getting sick for the next few weeks.
Kids are cool.  But they are also germ magnets and while post parents are used to their little ones cruising from one illness to the next.  Sometimes I just have to take a step back from kid friendly events when I know it is flu or cold season in the schools.  It isn’t because I don’t love the kids, but because I can’t give weapons to the bacteria I am already infected with. 
I’ve even had to turn down coming to see new babies because the siblings were sick with the flu. It was awful.
I don’t go to the gym and I am okay with it.
These days among my friends, everyone is trying to get summer bathing suit ready or in “cruse shape” because some of us are headed on a trip together.  They talk about their marathons, weekend gym dates, and diets they are currently on.  And I smile and listen, I think it’s great that they are excited about it.

But I don’t go to the gym and I don’t diet. 
Instead I am in physical therapy usually twice a week to try to keep my muscles from locking up or to settle the pain in a bad area.  I have regular visits with my doctors to make sure my heart is staying strong and my liver isn’t getting worse. I’ve watched my weight climb up and down with each switch of my medications and cringed when I looked in the full length mirror.  After a workout I’m exhausted for days and in pain for a week. 
I’ve learned to accept that I might never get down to a 7 again, but I will keep fighting a disease that’s entire goal is to kill me. And when I look at my body that’s now patched up with scars from surgeries and battle, I know that I am thankful that today I am not bedridden and I can go walking through the Farmer’s Market to enjoy the sweetness of life without guilt.
You can talk to me about my disease.
I’m pretty sure that most of my friends know I have Lyme. But I don’t talk about it much. Usually because few people actually ask me about it.
I know they must have questions or wonder why I cancel at the last minute a night of dancing and fun. They just don’t ask.  I wish my friends knew that they can come talk to me about my illness and I am happy to answer all of their questions.  Lyme Disease is difficult, but harder when you feel like nobody understands you.

Overcoming Lyme Disease by Taking Away Its Power.

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5 Upsetting Truths About Lyme Disease

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