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Natural Glow White Tea

How To Make CBD Tea

If you have been looking for new ways to add CBD into your daily routine, we have a recipe for you! CBD Tea is a great way to include the holistic healing properties of tea and the incredible benefits of CBD oil into your diet. Last week we showed you how to make CBD Coffee.  This week, we have something for the tea lovers!  We also have a great recipe… Read More »How To Make CBD Tea


5 Alternative Ways to Deal With Anxiety

When the body experiences stress, the result is typically anxiety. Upon exposure to a stressor, the endocrine system triggers the release of stress hormones like cortisol. They govern the body’s fight, flight, or freeze responses. The person experiences the sensation of ‘butterflies in their stomach’ as they feel apprehensive and uncertain of an outcome. That’s how people experience regular anxiety. However, when it becomes so severe and frequent that it… Read More »5 Alternative Ways to Deal With Anxiety

How to Use CBD to Treat Anxiety

From Edibles to Vaping: How to Use CBD to Treat Anxiety Anxiety is an unpredictable disorder, and you never know when it will strike. While there are medications for managing anxiety, natural remedies may be a more effective and healthier option. Cannabidiol is among the recommended ways for putting anxiety under control naturally. The science speaks in favor of that, and you can find studies that proved its anxiolytic effects.… Read More »How to Use CBD to Treat Anxiety