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7 Self-Care Strategies for Navigating the “New Normal”

7 Self-Care Strategies for Navigating In the “New Normal” As we continue spending more time at home due to the current climate, we have the opportunity to ask ourselves if we are setting the right boundaries for ourselves. Are you making enough time for self-care? When I say boundaries, I don’t necessarily mean from other people but rather from devices, substances, routines and expectations. The pandemic has for many hit… Read More »7 Self-Care Strategies for Navigating the “New Normal”

I Took A Mental Health Break

Hey everyone, I’m back today. I’ve been in the kitchen a lot for the last few weeks, working on new recipes and spending a lot of time in the garden working on growing food for my family as well as working on my mental health. The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, and in June I felt like I was hitting a wall with all of the… Read More »I Took A Mental Health Break

Finding Calm During Stressful Times

Finding calm during stressful times isn’t easy. But we have some tips that we hope might help. We’ve been talking a lot about how 2020 has been one of the most stressful years for many people. This week, over 100,000 people have died from Covid-19, and many more struggle to survive. Just as scary, millions of people are out of work and wondering how they will be able to feed… Read More »Finding Calm During Stressful Times