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How To Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

Our kitchens are the warm center point of our homes.  As the heart of interactions, meals, and memories- this room deserves as much work and attention as possible.  Unfortunately, our kitchens aren’t always the room we want them to be.  Whether you’re buying a house with a kitchen that needs a little work or have lived somewhere for years and are hankering for some change, a complete facelift of your… Read More »How To Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

Basic Tomato Sauce

Basic Tomato Sauce My garden is still bursting with tomatoes, and I’ve made so much gazpacho, salsa, and bruschetta! But I still have a ton of tomatoes turning ripe each morning.  Now is the best time to start preserving those gorgeous tomatoes for wintertime use. How To Make Tomato Sauce From Scratch A basic tomato sauce is very easy to make, but it can take some time and effort. That’s… Read More »Basic Tomato Sauce

How To Sterilize Canning Jars

When you are learning how to do home canning, you’ll hear over and over how important sterilized jars are. That’s because they are what’s going to keep your food from going bad. However, you don’t need to sterilize your jars if you are going to water bath canning for longer than 10 minutes. So if your recipe calls for processing for longer than 10 minutes you are good to wash… Read More »How To Sterilize Canning Jars

Frugal Ways To Decorate For Fall Without Leaving Home

Now that the kids are heading back to school, Fall feels like it’s right behind them.  This is when we start to cozy up our homes and gather the pumpkins.  But this year we want to help you give your home a fall makeover without needing to rummage thought the stores and face the crowds of people at the pumpkin patches.  Fall 2020 means rethinking what we have and using… Read More »Frugal Ways To Decorate For Fall Without Leaving Home

Iced Blended Green Tea Latte

Peppermint Matcha Iced Latte I love Green Tea lattes. In fact, a blended peppermint matcha latte is my go-to summer drink.  There is something about the cool mint and the crisp green tea that makes everything a little more chill. Hey everyone, we have another fun recipe for you and it is inspired from my love of Starbucks. My friends and family know how much I love Starbucks and I’ve… Read More »Iced Blended Green Tea Latte