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Sometimes the music of my thoughts needs to play freely as I wander through my thoughts.

Covid-19 stay home

Thoughts on Covid-19 and staying home

Another Monday is here. I’m still in self-quarantine due to Covid-19 & my Lyme Disease and well because it’s better for the entire planet that we all stay home until it’s safe to go out again.  So, I’m here, trying to gather some good thoughts and something awesome to share with all of you. I wanted to talk to you candidly, because I think that’s what we all need a… Read More »Thoughts on Covid-19 and staying home


Thoughts on Dry Gagging – fighting depression

I have a special friend who lives with Depression. There are days when I wake up wondering if he will still be alive when I go to check on him on Facebook. I know a few people with clinical depression. But he is the one that I watch the most.

Self-Quarantined- Week 2

Hey everyone, we are on week 2 of living with reduced social interaction or self-quarantining.  I decided that it might be a good idea to keep a record of how things are going here and maybe share some stories of how others around the country are doing. I’ll be honest; today, it’s starting to get to me a little. It’s not staying home that’s bothering me, in fact, as an… Read More »Self-Quarantined- Week 2

Take Your Next Best Step

When I talk about Dancing with Fireflies, I want to share the notion that you can chase your dreams, no matter how big or how small.  But you must move forward in order to chase that dream. My dream was to become a writer. When I first began, I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of writer I would become, I simply knew that I love to write, tell stories, and… Read More »Take Your Next Best Step