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5 right now steps to a guest ready home

5 Right Now Steps To A Guest Ready Home

Image by Pexels A welcoming home is always ready for impromptu guests, but having that guest-ready home doesn’t mean you have to hire a cleaning service and a chef! We share some easy tricks to creating a cozy home for your guests that won’t break the bank. We promise you won’t have to get up at dawn to start cooking and cleaning. Being prepared is the hardest tip, since sometimes… Read More »5 Right Now Steps To A Guest Ready Home

Farmhouse Decorating for Christmas

Farmhouse Christmas Decor with Mama’s Junk Co.

Holiday Shopping With Mama’s Junk Farmhouse Decor Hey everybody, this week we are pulling down the decorations and starting to gather our holiday decor. I love decorating for all of the holidays.  So it’s time to head to Mama’s Junk Co. to find some sweet new additions to our holiday collection! This posts contains affiliate links. We hope you’ll find something you like, and if so, we make a small… Read More »Farmhouse Christmas Decor with Mama’s Junk Co.

Farmhouse Christmas

Top Christmas Decorating Ideas of 2019

2019’s Top Looks For Christmas Farmhouse Decor Christmas is coming fast! Do you know what colors and themes you are going to use this year? We have some beautiful farmhouse Christmas decor ideas that we found while planning our own holiday decor. I am so excited, and here’s why. We are decorating for Christmas for the first time in 20+ years! So much has changed and I am really excited… Read More »Top Christmas Decorating Ideas of 2019