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Wynter’s Review: Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats

For the last ten years, my best friend has stood by my side through thick and thin.  She stayed close while I grieved the losses, licked my face when I attempted to do yoga, and traveled around the country with me.  Now she’s getting older, I have been looking to help make sure her golden years are pain-free. In the U.S, 44 states have already legalized purchase and use of… Read More »Wynter’s Review: Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats

Our Favorite Shampoos For Itchy Dogs

OMG Riley, stop licking!  Itchy, stinky, and so much fun. We love dogs! Our dog, Riley, has had a lifetime fighting off skin irritations because he was born with Addison's disease. His immune system isn't the best and he breaks out in huge itchy hives.  Riley needs to be bathed often to keep him clean and prevent infections. We go through a lot of shampoos. When we choose a shampoo we look… Read More »Our Favorite Shampoos For Itchy Dogs