An Honest Word About Blogging and Being an Influencer

Let’s be honest.  I’m 40 something, fat, unphotogenic, and I refuse to pay for a photographer to chase me around and make me look fabulous. And I’m sick of this BS social media game.  Aren’t you? Here’s the deal, I’m over trying to chase this ridiculous carrot that has been baited just over my head for the last 2 years.  It’s exhausting, expensive, and unrealistic. (This post includes affiliate links.… Read More »An Honest Word About Blogging and Being an Influencer

Top Essential Items To Pack For Every Solo Trip

Hey Everyone! We have a great guest post for you today about something we all daydream about.  Solo adventures! Long tiresome days never end! Won’t you have personal time for only yourself? Yes! Everyone needs to go on a trip for self-relaxation, entertainment, and pleasure. There can be official trips too for increasing the business or building robust relationships with other personnel. This trip can be on a single day… Read More »Top Essential Items To Pack For Every Solo Trip


It’s HOT! Like most people, I’ve been trying to find ways to stay cool and not think about how hot it is. And today I have to tell you, I have been so distracted that trying to stay focused on work has been HARD! So I’ve been trying to work on a couple of new product reviews and some articles.  But I’ve really been having a hard time keeping my… Read More »Distracted!

Gardening is my best weapon against Lyme Disease

Hey Everyone!  Wow, it’s been so hot here in Maryland. I knew the humidity was terrible, but goodness it’s thick! So I’ve been getting up extra early to get out into the garden before it gets hot and while it’s totally worth missing some sleep, even at 6:30 it’s been hot and humid. Gardening is my best weapon against Lyme Disease Let’s be honest, I hate mornings, and I really… Read More »Gardening is my best weapon against Lyme Disease

Latte of the Week- Thai Iced Tea

5 cups water 6 bags black tea or red Thai tea, or 1 1/2 tablespoons loose tea - you want to use a good quality tea for the best flavor.   Try Ceylon, Assam or Keemun. 2 star anise -  you can add more or less to taste.  These are very strong if you buy them fresh. So go slow. 3 whole cloves - same with the cloves.  I am not a huge fan of cloves, so I usually go light here. 2 teaspoons vanilla - Have a vanilla bean pod you want to use? Scrape it down and use it here. 2 tablespoons sugar - This drink is very sweet even without the sugar. So I suggest adding this to taste later. 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk - Go vegan by replacing the sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk with cream of coconut and coconut milk.