For The Love Of Fancy Coffee

Who else love fancy coffee? From the first hot silky sip that slowly rolls over my tongue and warms my belly, I fall in love with coffee over and over again.  But not the plain jane black coffee, the drip coffee that can be found at every gas station and Waffle House.  I love fancy coffee… a good creamy latte is my heart and joy. And if my barista can… Read More »For The Love Of Fancy Coffee
Lyme Disease isnt Real

Lyme Disease Isn’t Real

Why do you think you have Lyme Disease? You really think that this bacteria floats around in your body for years and years and you are just walking around? You are here, walking and talking and on my table getting tests and you believe that you are filled with this deadly bacteria?  Nonsense. Don't believe everything you are told by doctors, stay away from them. Eat more papaya and live… Read More »Lyme Disease Isn’t Real