vegan enchiladas

Time Saving Vegan Enchiladas

Simple Vegan Enchiladas Like what you see?  Share it with your friends! Enchiladas! It’s one of our favorite Mexican food dishes, and we love how versatile it can be. The creamy and cheesy filling of this delicious preparation is so addictive that you just can’t stop at one. We love enchiladas any time of day or night. I’ve been known to even have them for breakfast! Yes, with fried eggs,… Read More »Time Saving Vegan Enchiladas

Zinnia: The Star Of My Garden & Free Printable

This year, it seemed like every day, we had new pops of color in the garden.  And the big surprise was falling in love with Zinnias. I was so excited to come out each morning to a new beautiful flower that lasted for weeks. Each flower had different stages of beauty. This summer, I decided that I’d start sharing some of the many characters in our garden with all of… Read More »Zinnia: The Star Of My Garden & Free Printable


Memory Markers and My Crappy Day

Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment away from recipes and reviews to get personal and to share part of my story and struggles.  I believe that when we can connect as humans, we become like fireflies and start to fill the darkness with our connections like sparks of light.  It is only through sharing our struggles and our successes that we can reach out and connect with others. … Read More »Memory Markers and My Crappy Day

Lobster Mushroom Mac N Cheese

Want a new twist on Mac N Cheese? Have you heard of lobster mushrooms? We discovered how cool these tasty mushrooms can be for a fun vegetarian twist on Lobster Mac! Lobster Mushroom Mac N Cheese Like what you see?  Share it with your friends! I love lobster Mac N Cheese. But sometimes I want something a little different. My daughter, Sara, discovered Lobster mushrooms and we loved the idea… Read More »Lobster Mushroom Mac N Cheese

Homemade Vanilla Applesauce

Easy Homemade Vanilla Applesauce Like what you see?  Share it with your friends! With just 6 delicious ingredients, our Vanilla applesauce can be made in both a slow cooker or stovetop and ready for your family to enjoy anytime! Delicious Family Traditions We have a family tradition of going apple picking every fall. Then I make a big batch of vanilla apple sauce and send it home with all of… Read More »Homemade Vanilla Applesauce