Reasons Dogs Lick Excessively And Tips To Help Stop It

“Riley Stop Licking!” That’s one of the most common things said in our home since our dog Riley came into our lives. All dogs lick, but sometimes the licking can actually mean something else is underlying and needs attention. Wynter, our older dog, is more catlike in her grooming.  Her fur is easy to lick clean and she’s doesn’t require a lot of grooming needs like our other dog, Riley. … Read More »Reasons Dogs Lick Excessively And Tips To Help Stop It

26 Must Have Coffee Stations For Your Home

Home Coffee stations are popping up everywhere.  And we know why!  We love our home coffee station not just for feeling luxurious at home, but it also helps to keep everything all together and tidy! Making your own coffee station is easy, and we have a few inspirations to show you how you can create your own luxury coffee station. 26 Inspirational Home Coffee Station Ideas This post contains affiliate… Read More »26 Must Have Coffee Stations For Your Home

How To Host A Social Distanced Thanksgiving

How To Host A Socially Distanced Thankgiving Your Friends And Family Will Enjoy Thanksgiving is almost here, and many of you are asking how you can have a fun Thanksgiving while keeping your friends and family safe from Covid.  We are right there with you, collecting ideas and trying to make good decisions for the people we love as well. We share how you can host a social distanced Thanksgiving.… Read More »How To Host A Social Distanced Thanksgiving

Tipsy Apple Compote

Tipsy Apple Compote Recipe Like what you see?  Share it with your friends! What’s better than sweet and tart apple compote? How about making them boozy? Our friends at Cask & Kettle challenged us to come up with some new recipes for their hot cocktail pods and we took that challenge and ran with it. Well, actually it was more like sitting in my kitchen, drinking hot cocktails and having… Read More »Tipsy Apple Compote


17 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times to dress up my table and pull out my creative side. I love a beautiful tablescape that seems to make the food taste even better. These 17 Thanksgiving Tables each have a different character and style so you can mix and match for your perfect style.  And of course, you know our modern farmhouse style will always be tossed in as well! This… Read More »17 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables