Plastic Free July- Tips for reducing your plastic use

Happy July! It’s hard to believe that summer is in full swing, July is here, and many of us are still doing our best to do everything we can to fight the infection rate from Covid-19.  But this is also the time that many of us reflect back on bigger issues, like plastic pollution and waste. Here’s something scary: Did you know scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be… Read More »Plastic Free July- Tips for reducing your plastic use


Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade Concentrate Recipe

This summer I’ve been working on canning a lot of the fruits and veggies in my garden. Strawberries are one of my favorite things to can and this recipe brings the taste of fresh strawberries and lemonade together with the soothing blend of vanilla. I’ve been adding vanilla beans or extract to my lemonade for years, it adds a unique mouth comfort to the tangy juice. This is one of… Read More »Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade Concentrate Recipe

I Took A Mental Health Break

Hey everyone, I’m back today. I’ve been in the kitchen a lot for the last few weeks, working on new recipes and spending a lot of time in the garden working on growing food for my family as well as working on my mental health. The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, and in June I felt like I was hitting a wall with all of the… Read More »I Took A Mental Health Break

Summer Super Foods!

I loved having Hannah Brooklyn guest blog for us.  She has some great ideas for the best foods to eat when the weather is scorching!  So while we are enjoying this summer weather, please enjoy this guest post. Summer comes along with a rich variety of food and fruits that are good for your body. Scientists for years have bombarded us with information that encourages us to eat plenty of… Read More »Summer Super Foods!