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Treat Her Better

Recently I ended a longtime friendship.  It hurt, it felt like I was giving up on a part of my life that even as hard as I tried, no matter as much as I wanted it, it was just broken. I wanted to fix it so badly that I was always willing to give my own happiness in order to…

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Creative energy – Albert Einstein

“I was originally supposed to become an engineer but the thought of having to expend my creative energy on things that make practical everyday life even more refined, with a loathsome capital gain as the goal, was unbearable to me.” ―     Albert Einstein,     The Ultimate Quotable Einstein


Weekend Recipe- Broccoli Tortellini

  I love cooking a big Sunday meal for everyone. Growing up Southern, Sundays meant getting up early and heading to church. Then we’d head home and my Gram would make an early dinner. Usually those meals were her chicken fried steak, greens, potatoes, biscuits, and if I was lucky she’d make my favorite fried apple hand pies. But in…


Falling for Fall

There are few seasons l like more than summer, but Fall is quickly starting feel like the place where I want to be. It’s growing on me, year after year I find something else that draws me into the embrace of Fall’s enchantment. Summer was my season. I love the warm lazy days, sleeping in late, and don’t forget the…


Sail away

I think about my childhood sometimes, trying to make peace of it and understanding. It wasn’t easy growing up with a parent with a mental illness, she just wasn’t who I needed her to be and looking at it now, I am thankful that my great-grandparents had the insight to see that when I was born and tried to step…


Star Struck – When your idols see you

I had a star struck moment today. I am such a dork. I am a huge fan of Problogger’s Darren Rowse. I’ve written a few posts about my admiration of his work and I am a weekly follower of his podcasts. So when I joined his blogger’s challenge group on Facebook a few weeks ago I was the biggest dork. What…

Recipes for Gluten Free chewie brownies

Best Gluten Free Brownie Recipes

I love brownies. I love them warm and chewie.  So when I went gluten-free this summer I worried that I would have a hard time finding a recipe for brownies that wouldn’t come out grainy or dry. There is nothing worse than biting into a browie to find it taste more like playdough than chocolate. So I scoured the internet…


He’s My Best Friend

I am so excited.  Today I realized that in 3 weeks I am going to see my best friend, Brandon.  I booked this trip months ago, but I’ve been so busy that it really just snuck up on me that this is really happening. He is one of those people who can take my worst days and turn them around…

Lyme Disease isnt Real

Lyme Disease Isn’t Real

  Why do you think you have Lyme Disease? You really think that this bacteria floats around in your body for years and years and you are just walking around? You are here, walking and talking and on my table getting tests and you believe that you are filled with this deadly bacteria?  Nonsense. Don’t believe everything you are told…


Staying Still

One of the hardest things about living with a Chronic Illness like Lyme Disease is knowing when to get up and fight through it and when to listen to advice and lay low for a while. This last week I was told that I needed to get off my feet for a few days so I could heal from a…