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Helping Others: Tips for Becoming More Generous

Generosity is among the greatest traits an individual can possess. After all, showing kindness toward others is key to a healthy society. We’re all human, which means we could all use some help once in a while. Learn great tips for becoming more generous to help yourself evolve as an individual.

Helping Others: Tips for Becoming More Generous

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Count Your Blessings

One of the most significant ways to feel more generous is to think about all the fantastic things you have to feel thankful for. You may have a steady source of income, a great support network, easy access to food and water, and so forth. Some of these blessings seem basic, yet some people don’t have equal access.

One of the easiest ways to count your blessings is to express gratitude more often. Say “thank you” to others for the seemingly small deeds they did. Likewise, express self-love to thank your mind and body for taking care of you. Often, it’s the small things we don’t think twice about that make a world of difference in our lives.

Support Charities

As you realize your good fortune, think about what you could give to others. For instance, give time by volunteering if you have a spare hour or two in the week. Gently used belongings are another way to give to charity. One of the most common misconceptions about donating is that size matters—it doesn’t. Anything you give helps those in need.

Give Out Compliments

At its root, generosity is all about kindness, so be giving with the sweet words you say. Compliment your friends more often and thank coworkers for doing your tasks while you were out of the office. Expressing gratitude also helps us see what we have to feel thankful for. We can use this to carry out other generous acts, such as helping the coworker who assisted us.

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Help Your Neighbors

If your neighbor needs someone to watch their pet for the weekend, offer assistance. Make the act truly generous by doing so free of charge. While we all like to receive payment for our time, helping someone for free is heartwarming. It proves that you’ve done the act because you want to and not for some fast cash.

Remember What Matters Most

What matters most is the people around us. The stuff we have or the amount of money is nice, but it doesn’t warm our hearts in the same way an individual can. Spending time with others, both loved ones and strangers, brings joy to our lives. We learn unforgettable stories by meeting new people and forming unbreakable bonds. Ultimately, your generosity gives the most invaluable things—love, gratitude, and lifelong lessons.

Why Generosity Matters

So why are these tips for becoming more generous so important? Humanitarianism helps reduce stress for the giver and receiver and allows us to create support systems. Often, it’s all too easy to act out of self-interest.

For instance, you may not want to help your neighbor if it means watching their untrained dog for a weekend, but you do so anyway. The smile on your neighbor’s face makes the act worth it. Best of all, kind acts like this can lead to new friendships and positive outlooks on life.

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