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Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Eco-Friendliness

Eco-friendly homes are few and far between. And with a push to become more responsible and take environmental concerns more seriously, more and more homeowners are looking into how they can improve these efforts. Here, we discuss some simple strategies to get the ball rolling on your property.

Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Eco-Friendliness

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Reconfigure How You Wash Your Belongings

The energy your washing machine must output to heat the water can impact your home’s overall eco-friendliness and pull significant power. There will be some loads where a hot water cycle is necessary, but consider how you can reconfigure your processes to include more cold-water washes. Cold water is more readily available and doesn’t increase your machine’s energy output, so this is one of the easiest ways to enhance your home’s eco-friendly efforts.

Invest in a Solar Array

While not everyone can invest in a solar array outright, there are many reasons to consider your financing options and make the transition. If your primary objective is to create a more sustainable home environment, it’s worth the investment.

Your utility bills will reflect the changes almost immediately, and your long-term investment will contribute to your solar payoff. And, eventually, you may see a return. There are various benefits to having solar panels installed on your home’s roof, including low profiling and roof protection measures.

Convert Your Home’s Lighting Features

It’s not new news that standard home lighting can contradict eco-efforts. Ultimately, standard lighting isn’t as efficient and can pull a significant amount of energy overall. While LED bulbs are a more realistic eco-friendly alternative, they can also be relatively expensive.

Consider converting your bulbs one room at a time to allow for smart financial spending. Additionally, tackling LED bulbs one area at a time will enable you to shop around and find the ones that best fit your family’s needs.

Consider Composting

Many homeowners are recycling the best they can, but now might be an excellent time to enhance your home’s eco-friendliness by composting more. This will reduce your overall waste and help you improve your plant’s soil or create homegrown fertilizers for gardening.

It’s best to place the compost bin in the garage or just outside your back door because even though it’s environmentally friendly, it can smell over time. Today, compost bins can better contain and control the odor, but the smell may linger when you open the container.

Cleanse Your Home’s Air

You can improve your home’s air quality by placing indoor houseplants throughout the house. Many people will argue that they don’t have a green thumb and they kill every houseplant they’ve ever owned. But consider investing in beginner plants that are harder to kill than others. For example, hanging a jade pothos plant in a corner and watering it once a week is ideal for someone with limited time or skill. You can even grab a small spray bottle to mist the plant in between waterings.

Little by little, you can turn your energy-sucking home into a more environmentally friendly place to live. Hopefully, these small tips will help you take steps in the right direction and inspire you to keep the momentum going.


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