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Winter Decor You’ll Love Long After The Holiday Season Is Over

Have you heard of the Danish concept of ‘hygge' (pronounced “hoo-guh”)? A finalist for Oxford English Dictionary's Word of the Year in 2016, it has no direct translation into English. Still, it is described as ‘a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing. In Denmark, hygge encompasses an all-year feeling of happiness, quality time spent with loved ones, and the joy of focusing on simple pleasures. It comes into its own over winter – think cozy blankets, roaring fires, and mugs of hot cocoa while we catch up with family and friends. 

Winter Decor

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There’s something special about decorating for the winter holidays that makes it the most magical holiday of the year, but once St Nick has been and gone, it’s common for the post-holiday blues to kick in. Embracing the concept of hygge by infusing warmth and joy into your home with wintry decorations can bring peace long after the holiday season ends. Here are some tips for transitioning your decor from Christmas to the winter season to keep that feel-good vibe going all year. 

Embrace neutrals and natural features in your Winter Decor

A red-and-green color palette screams Christmas. To make your decorations transition seamlessly, consider planning and choosing natural colors and metallics for your decor this year. This way, you can pack the nutcrackers, reindeer, and Menorah away when your tree comes down and keep the rest of your pieces displayed until autumn arrives. Remove items like ribbons and berries from wreathes and store more ornate decorations.

If you prefer to use traditional colors or a brighter color scheme for your festive decor, try adding some metallics so you can store the colorful items until next winter without needing to pack all your decor away.

Rustic Decorating

Bowls of gold, silver, and champagne baubles still look beautiful in the New Year. Rustic features like plain green garlands, wooden branches, and pinecones are all evocative of both the holidays and winter season, helping to bring the outside in without the cold. 

Some of our favorite winter decor designs include:

  • A garland of greenery wrapped with twinkly lights for your mantle or coffee table.
  • A display of bare branches in tall vases. 
  • Scattering baskets of pinecones throughout your living room.
  • Vignettes using birch logs and candles or fairy lights.
  • Add vintage books, fruit, and other neutral pieces to differentiate winter from holiday decorating.

Modern style

Opting for the contrast of black and white, with touches of brass and gold for warmth, will turn your home into the ultimate modern winter wonderland. You can still look to nature for inspiration, but display pinecones, branches, and other greenery in planters, vases, and drums that match the style of your home. Narrow candles in brass candlesticks, squat candles in glass bowls, and lots of fairy lights can all add that enticing festive glow. Pare things back and keep your decor simple and striking.

Lighting that is good for the soul

The glow of fairy lights, candles, and a roaring fire are all winter favorites, but there’s no reason to pack these away on New Year’s Eve. Keep them out, and use lamps and candles to brighten up your home with the sparkle of fairy lights to keep that cozy, inviting feel throughout winter. During cold days there’s nothing better than the twinkle of candles, especially if they have an inviting scent.  

Cozy up with chunky textiles

Chenille blankets, cable knits, chunky throws, and more – there’s nothing like having something to wrap yourself in during cold weather. Having plenty of blankets and plump cushions in your living room will help you feel cozy all winter long – use whites, neutrals, and plenty of texture to add extra warmth. Faux fur, velvet, and wool all add a luxe feel to elevate your decor. You can use a collection of chunky knits displayed on a ladder as a feature or keep a stash in a basket as an invitation to guests to wrap up. 

Display meaningful photos

One important aspect of the hygge ethos is to decorate with items that have special meaning. When you take down Christmas cards and Santa photos, replace them with photos of loved ones and favorite places and memories. No matter the weather, being surrounded by people and memories you love will give you warmth throughout the year. 

There’s no reason to lose the feeling of winter cheer when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Instead, decorate for the festive season with the winter transition in mind, choosing natural features, neutrals, and metallics, along with plenty of candles and fairy lights that can be enjoyed throughout the season. Embracing the hygge lifestyle of coziness, gratitude, and simple pleasures by choosing pieces that make you feel positive and inspired will keep the Christmas magic alive in your home and help you feel energized and refreshed for the New Year.

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