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A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Houseplant Success

It might surprise you to learn how easy it is to care for indoor houseplants. Some plants require minimal water, while others can grow picky about their needs and environment, but with proper care, all plants can thrive. Wherever you start, the basics of indoor houseplant success are virtually the same. Let’s take a look at some beginner’s tips and guidance to help keep your indoor plants healthy and happy

A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Houseplant Success

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Only Purchase Houseplants You Think You Can Manage

Every plant parent has a necessary experience level, whether beginner or advanced. By purchasing plants within your care range and lifestyle demands, you can almost guarantee that you will have success. For example, if you buy a plant that needs constant adjusting, but you’re only home a few nights a week, your plant may not make it.

The Pot Matters

Proper soil drainage can help deter root rot or pests, so you want to choose a container with holes that allow excess water to exit the bottom. You should also consider the size of the plant and how much room the roots need to flourish. A pot that’s too large can be difficult to manage, but a pot that’s too small will require you to transfer your plant in the future.

Lighting Is Key

The perk to having indoor plants is that they don’t rely on outdoor conditions to thrive, but they will still require a certain amount of life depending on species and age. Many indoor houseplants only need indirect bright life, though some require direct sunlight.

Consider the home’s lighting situation and adjust accordingly. If you have houseplants throughout your home, you may want to explore the different kinds of replacement windows available to you. Your window type and location can play a role in allowing more overall light into your home.

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Put Them on a Watering Schedule

All your indoor plants will need water, but the amount you give will determine your plant’s success. You can underwater or overwater if you’re not mindful of the plant’s needs.

One of the best ways to achieve indoor houseplant success is to put each plant on a watering schedule. Following a routine will ensure they receive proper water and allow you to avoid the stress of guessing. Another good rule of thumb is to check the soil’s moisture. If it’s dry, it may be time to water.

Don’t Forget the Leaves

For most indoor plants, most of your attention will go toward the soil and root system. However, the leaves will need some level of care as well. Take a soft, damp cloth to each of your plant’s leaves to remove dust, debris, or any other disruptive air particles.

Humidity Accommodations

Once you figure out the right balance between light and water, you now need to focus on the humidity. One of the best ways to maintain a specific humidity level is by investing in a humidifier and placing it in a neutral location. Humidity plays a significant role in reducing crispy or dry edges on your leaves.

Taking on the challenge of indoor houseplants requires some dedication. But with the right time and guidance, you can care for almost any plant. With this beginner’s guide, you can feel confident when buying your first plant and starting this new hobby.

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