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Fall Family Fun

Our family is the most important thing to me and the time we get to spend together is always cherished. Fall is one of our favorite times as a family. It's so rich in traditions and memories.  I love how the hustle and bustle of summer seems to slow down here as the weather starts to cool down. 

This week we pulled out those pumpkins and took some time for fall fun. 

Fall Fun
These two are always up to something silly together.

We had a lot of fun coming up with new recipes and enjoying time out on the new patio. We made Caramel Apple Cider Slushies and took them out to sit by the Solo Stove Firepit when the nights got a little chilly. 

This year we weren't able to have friends over for our annual fall party, but that didn't stop us from decorating and making crazy Halloween food. 

Get The Recipe For Caramel Apple Slushies

apple cider (1)

We were able to host a safe socially distanced brunch to celebrate September and October birthdays. Learning how to entertain during Covid-19 hasn't been easy. But we keep everyone outside and at a safe distance. 

I think when you go too long without seeing the people you love, that depression and frustration can be overwhelming. 

We researched the safest ways to have a small group over for a fall brunch and it worked out great! 

My daughter calls this the “Basic Jewish Brunch Spread” which is our smoked salmon, bagels, eggs, and cream cheese spreads. 

Learn How To Plan A Socially Distanced Brunch

Jewish Brunch

Pumpkin carving has always been one of our family's favorite activities.  When we were in Seattle the pumpkins got mushy fast in the wet weather. So we would paint them or carve them the weekend of Halloween. 

But we are back on the East Coast and our pumpkins get carved before Halloween and lit up for everyone to see. No matter how old they get, our kids still love digging into them and making something silly to show off. 

Mike and Kate- pumpkins

After the hard work of carving pumpkins, we were thankful that we had turned up the heat on the pool so we could jump in and relax before lighting the firepit and hanging out for the night.

This summer we added a pool and two large patios to the property. It felt like this project took much longer than a few months.  But it was really worth it to have a fun place for our family to play and relax.


This week, we have been also working with Cask And Kettle to come up with some fun new hot cocktails with their hot cocktail drink pods.  We really loved trying out the new flavors they sent us to try out. And they are perfect for evening drinking because they have no caffeine. 


I hope you are finding time to enjoy this time of year and find fun and peace in your days. We are always thankful that you take the time to read our blog and love it when you share our articles with your friends and family. We hope we are bringing you a few moments of peace, inspiration, and inspiration. 

Happy Halloween!

~ C. 


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