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Smart Ways To Make Your Home Ready for Fall

The crisp weather, changing leaves, and warm spiced beverages make fall the best time of year for many people, but it does require a few preparations. You might be mentally ready for the season to change, but your home and property may need some extra attention. Whether you like spending time inside or outside during the autumn months, consider a few smart ways to make your home ready for fall.

Smart Ways To Make Your Home Ready for Fall

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Although summer is ending, fall weather can be incredibly charming. Get in the right headspace with a few ways to prepare your home for fall.

Bring Out Cozy Bedding and Clothes

Right now is the best time to start getting your warm down comforters, thick cotton sheets, wool blankets, and cozy sweaters out of storage. Take the time to wash them and put everything in a readily available spot before the cold weather hits. There’s nothing worse than searching for warm blankets in the middle of the night or digging for a warm sweater right before work in the morning.

Clean Your Furnace and Replace the Filter

Chances are your furnace has been off since the start of spring, which means it’s time for a good cleaning. Furthermore, this is also the perfect time to replace your furnace filter—clean, fresh air is especially important when you don’t open the doors and windows during the colder months.

Depending on the system in your home, you may also have to winterize your air conditioning unit by cleaning the coils and covering it for protection from snow and ice.

Choose a New Fall Scent

Because there will be fewer opportunities for fresh air, you should consider choosing a new fall scent for your home. Whether you opt for something that runs through your air vents or wall plug-ins, your entire house could smell like cinnamon apples, pumpkin spice, or fresh pinecones. When you have guests over for the holidays, they’ll notice the incredible scent in your home and ask how you did it.

Pro Tip

If you choose wall plug-ins, be sure to get a plug-in for each area of your home and use the same scent throughout to create an unmistakable, uniform aroma.

Turn Up the Heat

The temperature is dropping outside, and you’ll want to keep your home at a comfortable level. Whether you turn on your central heating or utilize a fireplace, you can stay warm and cozy on those extra cold days. If you don’t want to turn on the heat until winter, consider installing a fireplace for space heating. If you’re unsure which type of fireplace would be best for your home, you should know the pros and cons of having a gas fireplace to assist in your decision.

Decorate Festively

Although there are plenty of ways to prepare for fall, decorating festively is one of the most fun and imperative. There’s no better way to get in the fall spirit than splashing fall colors, faux pumpkins, and ghosts all over your home. Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you can still decorate for harvest and Thanksgiving to make your space feel warm and inviting.

With these smart ways to make your home ready for fall, you’re ready to enjoy the cooler weather and gorgeous colors. Whether you prefer enjoying a campfire outdoors or watching movies inside, October is one of the most charming months of the year.


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