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How To Pick Placemats for Your Formal Dining Room

Choosing decorations with form and function is the key to decorating your home. Placemats are one of the best examples of this, as they help you protect and maintain your dining room furniture while complementing your space. But choosing the right placemats for your home and the occasion can be difficult, as you want to pick something timeless, unique, beautiful, and useful. Keep reading to learn how to pick placemats for your formal dining room so that you can make the right decision.

How To Pick Placemats for Your Formal Dining Room

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I LOVE Placemats!

I know they are old fashion, and some think a little outdated. But hear me out. I LOVE Placemats and setting the tablescape for my dinner parties.  I love picking out the theme and the colors that go along with that original idea.  I love creating a special space for my guests. 

Here are a few ways that I use to choose the best placemats for my farmhouse table. 

Measure Your Table

To pick the right placemats, you need to know how many placemats you need. This will depend on the size of your table, so you need to measure your table and how much space you have for each place setting. You should try to leave around two feet of space between place settings so that each person has enough room to move in and out of their seat.

Measure Your Place Settings

Leaving two feet of space between place settings doesn’t always leave much space for the place settings themselves, depending on the size of your table. To determine the right size for your place setting, you need to know the diameter of the plates and utensils you want to use.

Set up the plates and utensils and measure how much space they take up. This practice round will help you know what size placemats you need—you typically want the plates and utensils to fit on top of the placemat. Some people also place glasses on top of their placemats to help protect the table, but others prefer to place the glasses on separate coasters. If you plan to include the glass on the placemat, place it with your practice place setting and measure how much space you’ll need for everything combined.

Choose Your Aesthetic

Once you know the size of your table and how big your place setting is, you can start looking for the right size placemats that match your chosen aesthetic. If you’re looking for placemats that you plan to use for one specific occasion, choose an aesthetic that matches the occasion. For example, if you’re hosting your parents’ anniversary dinner, you may want to choose a classic aesthetic that uses colors and themes from their wedding. Meanwhile, a birthday party can incorporate more distinct colors, with celebratory, vibrant jewel tones adding color while maintaining the dining room’s formal style.

If you want a placemat that looks good for any occasion, match the aesthetics of your formal dining room. A farmhouse-inspired formal dining room with light colors will look best with a neutral-colored placemat made from a relevant material like burlap. Straw, wood, and other natural materials will also contribute to the aesthetic.


Knowing how to pick placemats for your formal dining room will help you add texture and comfort to your dining space as well as protect your dining room table. Placemats are a great aesthetic choice, and once you know the correct measurements of your space, you should be able to find the perfect set.

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