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3 Farmhouse Living Room Layouts To Try Out

 The farmhouse aesthetic is perfect for you if you’re interested in simplicity and natural elements. Here are different farmhouse living room layouts to try.

 Whether you’re looking at artwork or living room furniture for your farmhouse home design, these layouts can help you find the best blueprint for your home. If you want to do more to your living room, try one of these three designs.


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Reclaimed Wood Style

The farmhouse house style is all about the home’s natural elements; to achieve the modern farmhouse style in your home, use the ceiling as the focal point. If you have a raised wooden ceiling, you can add natural elements, such as stone veneer walls. Don’t remove the wooden ceiling or walls; instead, add neutral furniture, like stone gray, chestnut brown, and beige seating options.

Tips for the Reclaimed Wood Style

  • Don’t be afraid to customize reclaimed wooden furniture.
  • Add in trendy items, but balance them with your chosen color palette.
  • Try out other vintage styles with reclaimed wood, such as shabby chic.

An Eclectic Ambiance

A great thing about the farmhouse theme is that it’s adaptable. From a classic farmhouse to eclectic, there are countless ways to add natural elements to a living room. We strongly encourage applying the farmhouse style to a living room with shiplap walls, as they emphasize natural elements.

How To Design

Start with dark-colored furniture with wooden block feet. Then, transition to the fireplace—if you don’t have a fireplace, find the room’s center and use that as the focal point. Fireplace or not, place small ornamental figures and an art mirror to draw eyes to that area of the room.

It’s About an Open-Concept

For many reasons, your home needs to follow an ongoing theme, but it could mesh complementary aesthetics. For instance, the farmhouse/rustic theme doesn’t need to be the only style in your home; the traditional French countryside could fall into the mix.

How To Combine and Balance Farmhouse and French Countryside

Ideally, you want to apply similar colors from the palettes when combining styles. The French countryside home style relies on neutrals just as much as the rustic aesthetic relies on earth tones. So, select two colors from each palette, such as the ones below.

From the French countryside’s color palette, choose from:

  • Taupe
  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige

The farmhouse color palette is:

  • Off-white
  • Greige (gray + beige)
  • Gray
  • White

Both palettes have similar colors you can customize to fit the desired themes into one room. When working with these two, focus on using decorations from the French countryside home style and use farmhouse furniture in the living room.

Since you’re working with an open concept, you’ll want the theme to flow—if you aim to do more French countryside in the kitchen, then do so by painting the walls taupe and installing gray cupboard doors. Decorate the room with a curio cabinet and store fine China inside.


As you develop your homestyle, focus on the things that define your persona. The best farmhouse living room layouts contain items that represent you and your style. Along the way, you’ll find a farmhouse design that works, and you’ll love it

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