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Things You’ll Need for Planning a Fall Wedding

A wedding is personal to both people getting married; it’s a day of celebration to bring families closer and culminate the day you both vowed to be together forever. Aside from marrying your best friend, you need to plan the nuptials. Here are the things you’ll need for planning a fall wedding, from one bride to another.

Things You’ll Need for Planning a Fall Wedding

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My Wedding Planning

It's hard to believe that Michael and I have been married over 20 years, it still seems like it wasn't so long ago that I was looking at flowers, tasting cake, and waiting for the day to come. However, back then it wasn't so easy to find great ideas that weren't overdone and overpriced. 

The weddings I've seen recently have been so creative and beautiful, it ALMOST makes me want to do it again!

Get Festive With Seasonal Stationery

While summer and spring have their seasonal stationery, so does fall. Autumn has the best cardstock to use, hands down. With many different color palettes and embellishments to brighten the card, there’s no end to how creative you can be with invites, menus, and programs.

Consider purchasing pre-made illustrations of pumpkins, a bouquet of fall flowers, or a cornfield and sunflowers to make stationery easier to use and customize by yourself. Otherwise, work with a cardstock designer.

Consider Your Venue

A fall wedding needs a rustic venue that works with the season. While the city may be ideal for scenic photos, it won’t have similar ambiances as a barn or vineyard. Seek out lodges, farms, or a place with a gorgeous view of fall foliage for your venue.

Many engaged couples are open to customizing the day to their needs and opening up additional areas based on the weather. A farm is the best choice because you can use a barn, hay, cornfields, and plenty of open space for pictures and other reception activities.

Pick Out Seasonally Available Sweets

Many couples opt for sweets that aren’t in season, but it’s great to have most of the menu fall-themed. Pick things like salted-caramel chocolate, dark chocolate, and brown butter. You don’t need to go all out with pumpkin spiced treats, but including this option will sell your fall theme.

Plan Everyone’s Attire Accordingly

For a fall wedding to work, you need a color palette. Everyone, from the groomsmen to the bridesmaids, must wear fall-themed colors. This includes the soon-to-be-married couple! The best fall palette to work with is:

Find Trash Bins for Vendors and Guests

Fall is the season of change, a slight chill, and wet grounds. While the weather does change, your disposal methods don’t. Planning how vendors throw things away is vital to avoiding messes at the end of the celebration. Find the right dumpster size for your wedding and book it in advance!

Fall Makes the Best Backdrop

Fall makes the greatest backdrop. This season provides the best pictures, from paved paths with colored trees in the distance to breathtaking views. Work with the photographer on photo shoot ideas, such as:

  • Mountains in the background
  • Playing in leaf piles
  • Standing under a tree with falling leaves
  • Walking along a tree-lined path


As you learn the things needed to create a Fall wedding, don’t forget to plan your wedding look and finalize plans for a fall honeymoon with your partner. This wedding will be beautiful, and it will inspire everyone to get in the fall spirit.

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