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4 Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard

It’s that wonderful time of year to head to your backyard, enjoy the weather, and maybe even some company. Follow these tips to spruce it up a little bit.

4 Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard

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If you enjoy the outdoors, then chances are you enjoy spending time in your backyard on those beautiful summer nights. If this describes you, then you’ll appreciate a well-decorated backyard. Use these creative tips to spruce up your backyard space so that you can relax and enjoy time spent in the area.


If you have trees in your space, you can utilize them in several different ways. For starters, consider adding a bench around the tree for guests and yourself to sit on. You can build this with discounted wood that you stain or paint to your liking. This is a great way to add seating and appeal to your yard. If you want to add a little whimsy, you may consider adding a swing to the tree, too. This is fun for the little ones and the adults.


Creating pathways to walk in your backyard gives the eye direction as to where to look. And, of course, it also gives guests specific paths to walk. This will preserve your grass from getting trampled on too much. Consider digging a pathway, filling it with gravel, and placing large steppingstones on top. If you have a patio, walkways are a great way to fill unnecessary space and add more curb appeal. Don’t forget to maintain your patio to ensure it matches the aesthetic of your new walkway.


Lighting makes or breaks a backyard space. The beauty in adding lighting is that it will creatively spruce up your backyard without breaking the bank or your back. If you have walkways, add solar led lights that will automatically turn on when the sun goes down. Additionally, add string lights for a beautiful effect that will light up your space. If string lights aren’t your thing, consider adding twinkling lights vertically on some slat boards. This will be a unique twist on traditional lighting and will give that picturesque look.

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Adding a garden to your backyard is therapeutic, and it adds appeal to the space. Fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs smell good and look great (if cared for). If you like to grill out, then guests will enjoy watching you collect fresh ingredients from the garden to cook with them right in front of them. Gardening saves money, provides nutrition, and even adds ambience to your yard.

Enjoy the great outdoors without looking at your backyard with stress. Your yard should be a place of respite to relax. If this isn’t the case for you, consider these creative ideas to spruce up your backyard space. From utilizing the trees in your yard to adding lighting, guests will enjoy having a conversation while sitting in the ambience of the lighting. Additionally, walkways will provide you and your friends and family with places to walk without having to trample grass. This is a big change that goes a long way in your backyard transformation. Lastly, consider adding a garden to the space to provide organic food for your meals while making the space a place of peace.


My Garden Hideaway

In my garden, I have a few dark spaces where I love to spend the hot afternoons hiding out with the flowers.  This retaining wall was made with my pots in mind.  In Maryland, it gets very hot and even sun-loving plants can get a little worn out in the heat.  My potted plants are rotated out to give them a break from the blistering sun. 

Want to see more of my garden? Follow me on Instagram and tag me in your garden photos! 

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