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The Best Summer Home Renovation Projects

This summer is packed with so many fun things to do. Start the warmer days right by trying out a few of these fun summer remodeling projects on your home.

Home Renovation Projects

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Remodeling comes with a lot of work and planning, but the projects in this guide don’t require months of preparation. Call up a contractor and let them know you’re in the mood to build something new or upgrade an existing element, such as the windows or doors. Spend the summer exploring the best renovation projects for your home.

Pressure Wash Your Exterior

The first thing to consider tackling is your exterior. Since there’s mud and grime piled between your driveway and sidewalk cracks, you need something more powerful than a typical hose to get all the gross stuff out.

Pressure washing your driveway, deck, patio, sidewalk, and siding helps refresh your home’s appearance. Additionally, it’s one of the less demanding jobs, even though it requires you to move around. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, contact a service that specializes in power washing so you can get the job done faster.

Redo the Deck

The deck is another great place to fix up before your next celebration. The deck does require a little more effort, especially if you’re re-staining or replacing wooden planks. If you don’t want to do too much, simply sanding it down helps eliminate the risk of splintering wood and cracks.

Aside from that, consider updating the furniture or creating an arch to bring more shade to your outdoor area. Every detail brings something new to make the space less dull—fairy lights make a space feel relaxing, and a built-in fireplace lets everyone come together for conversation and plenty of s’mores.

Repurpose Your Old Shed

A shed is a perfect place to renovate into something relaxing, personal, and fun to spend time in. Before constructing the shed, go to your town hall to learn about the area’s building codes and certifications, if applicable. To make the project easier, you can purchase building plans with all the tools and materials you need to create the space you want. In addition, search online for inspiration on transforming your shed.

Clear Out Your Home’s Clutter

You might have missed out on spring cleaning, but you still have time to clear out old junk this summer. With the kids are home, it’s important to schedule their activities around a major clean. Dedicate time blocks in the morning and afternoon to clearing out different rooms. Then, spend the evenings relaxing with the family.

Install New Windows

New windows are a perfect touch to a better home. It’s essential to replace your windows every few years to allow more light into your home and improve energy efficiency and insulation. If you need extra light, replace your current windows.

We replaced our kitchen windows that didn't open with new easy-to-open windows that allow for better venting in the kitchen. I also replaced our morning room french doors that were installed improperly by our builder, who insisted on installing them inside out and traded them for sliding doors that are so much nicer for coming and going.

This costly remodel was a lesson that when you are building your house, YOU are the boss, and you should stand your ground on what you want. We knew we didn't like these two issues when the house was being built, and we were right. However, we didn't stand our ground and insist that it be done the way we wanted, and we ended up changing the door and windows only three years later. 

You should do the home renovation projects you want this summer without stressing. Take the time to find tasks you want to do, making you and your home a happier and better place to be this summer.

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