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Simple Ways To Help Embrace Your Inner Child

When we were children, we thought the day would never come when we would have to grow up. However, the next thing you know, you are all grown up with various responsibilities, wondering where the time went. You might feel like you have lost the spark and force of nature that is your inner child, but that is not the case. Your inner spark is always there—here are some simple ways to help you embrace that inner child of yours.

Simple Ways To Help Embrace Your Inner Child

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We all have a child within us waiting to have fun, flourish, and play. It can feel intimidating, but it’s not. Here are simple ways to embrace your inner child.

Inner Child

If the term “inner child” is wholly unfamiliar to you, don’t worry; we will briefly explain. The inner child is a term to refer to a sensitive and emotional place within ourselves that we existed comfortably with as children.

As we grow older, many of us feel forced to conceal those emotions and sensitives, and, as a result, we bury this place deep within ourselves. Moreover, the heavy responsibilities of adult life make us bury this part even deeper. If you keep an open mind, you may coax the inner child out, which can help heal those parts that you hide away.

Revisit Interests

One of the easiest ways to help embrace your inner child is to revisit the interests you had as a child. Perhaps that will have you playing the piano or purchasing a barbie at the store. Many of us took band as an elective at school or loved putting our fingers to the ivory and playing a simple tune that made us happy. Moreover, learning piano as an adult can also have many mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Many people also adored eying the stunning displays that the toy and game section offered. Next time you find yourself at the store, consider strolling by the toy and game section and perusing for a moment. Even the most rigid of adults will find themselves staring at a toy or game they desperately want to play. The best part is there’s no one to tell you no—go ahead and get it!

Embrace the Silly

Look back on your memories as a child, and you will notice one common theme: imagination. Children constantly embrace their silly and imaginative side, which results in them finding fantastical worlds with exciting situations.

Remember how one moment you were sitting in the living room and the next, suddenly, the floor was lava? In order to survive, you had to jump, claw, and climb. You created fanciful situations like this with your own mind, and you can do it again. That imagination is still within—you just have to embrace the silly and go for it.

No Judgement

No matter what you do to embrace your inner child, the most important thing to keep in mind is to approach it completely judgment-free. If you feel self-conscious about anything, you will struggle to feel connected. Remember that your inner child doesn’t judge and never has.


When you can work past that self-judgment, you will discover a world of excitement that you once knew. We hope you enjoyed our tips to help you connect deeper within yourself, and now, the rest is up to you. So play piano, buy a barbie, pretend the floor is lava, and do so with an open mind and heart—your inner child will thank you.

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