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Making Your Space Match the Cottagecore Style

Trends tend to run in cycles. After years of aiming for everything to be sleek, modern, and shiny, people are yearning for warmer, cozier vibes. Fortunately, cottagecore is a style popping up on more and more people's radars in reducing stress and coming up with some incredible design ideas. Making your space match the cottagecore style is entirely possible if you follow a few of these helpful hints.

Making Your Space Match the Cottagecore Style

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What Is Cottagecore?

Before you start designing, it’s a good idea to understand what cottagecore is. Cottagecore is a return to nature that uses colors and décor to harken back to a simpler time. These are perfect examples of this aesthetic, such as clay pots full of wildflowers, pies cooling on the windowsill, and cobblestone garden paths.

Cottagecore, at its core, is about evoking that feeling of a scenic English countryside without automatically sacrificing the modern conveniences we use every day.

Color Is Key

One of the first significant steps in making your space match the cottagecore style is emphasizing color. Many everyday items come in black or chrome to fit well with various styles, but cottagecore should focus more on earthy colors to connect to nature. Browns and greens fit the aesthetic nicely—but don't be afraid to use other muted colors such as blue or pink.

Aside from colors, textures play a significant role in cottagecore. An emphasis on wood textures, natural grains, and quilted fabric over smooth surfaces can help add character to the space.

Find that Signature Scent

Studies prove that scent is the sense with the strongest ties to memory. Because of this, it's a good idea to find a scent that puts you at ease when designing your cottagecore space. Fortunately, you have many options depending on what sort of room you want to create.

Some people take comfort in the smell of old books, so stocking bookshelves full of leatherbound tomes can remind you of an old library. Others may prefer something more in line with nature, like fresh pine or tulips.

Get Lost in Time

A significant part of the appeal of cottagecore is its separation from all the everyday hassles of life. The lifestyle offers escapism and comfort from the world of same-day delivery, endless streaming options, and printers that are always out of cyan ink.

When decorating for a cottagecore area and minding these factors, it's good to focus on some antiques, artwork, and anything that connects you to nature. Opting for vintage artwork of forests or a solid wooden table for your dining area are good ways to suck yourself into your environment.

The overall idea behind cottagecore is that it evokes a feeling of coziness. Objects like butter churns and dragonfly-shaped string lights bring out a sensation of relaxation. Everybody has their preference and style when designing a cottagecore space, so it depends on what makes you feel the most comfortable. Are you more comfortable around cast iron cookware, or do you prefer the softness of hand-crocheted crafts? Don’t be afraid to lose yourself to your senses with a hot cup of dandelion tea while your cat purrs softly in a sunbeam.


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