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3 Tips To Help Make Your Garden Bee Friendly

 Bees are the powerhouse pollinators of the world, so it’s easy to see why they’re such important little creatures. The biodiversity they support is essential to our way of life and to keeping the world’s delicate balance in check. Unfortunately, bees are endangered, and they need our support. Here are three tips to help make your garden bee friendly and to support the bee population.

3 Tips To Help Make Your Garden Bee Friendly

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Bee Buffets

Bees thrive on nectar and pollen. They certainly aren’t picky, but they do prefer a handful of certain flower species. Making your garden a little more colorful can ensure that bees’ tummies are full. In addition, having a diverse garden also helps bees do their jobs. Different plants mean different pollen for them to spread, which increases the eco-diversity of your local community.

If you’ve ever seen a bee stay still for a long time, they’re likely hungry. Putting a capful of sugar water next to them can perk them right back up.

Air Bee ’N’ Bee

Filling an open-faced birdhouse with twigs or stems can be a lifesaver for weaker bee colonies and colonies that didn’t get to build their hives in time. You can either set up a single bee house or attach a few to a post; just remember to change twigs after the adults emerge. You don’t have to make one yourself, either; there are plenty of bee houses with viewing and release chambers on the market.

If you really want to make your garden convenient for bees, put your little bee hotels in the center of your garden and surround them with flowers. This way, your new buzzy little friends can easily take their pollen back and forth without traveling long distances, preventing them from becoming too tired or dehydrated.

Bee Bathhouse

Bees need water to keep cool, digest, and feed their babies. Luckily, bee baths are very easy to make with a shallow dish, some stones for the bees to sit on, and a little bit of water. Make sure you don’t overfill the plate to prevent bees from drowning. If you’re feeling fancy, painting your own rocks and dish can be a great activity—just make sure the paint is completely dry before you put the items outside.

If you do end up making a bee house, it would be a great place to put the bee bath next to. After you make your garden bee friendly, you’ll be the buzz of the town!

With these simple additions to your garden, you’ll welcome more pollinators to your backyard to support the environment and help your garden flourish. If you haven’t already, consider

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