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5 Ways To Instantly Cozy Up Your Front Porch

Does your front porch feel cold? Bland? Boring? The porch is a traditionally underutilized part of the home, but it has so much potential! Stop avoiding your porch and start enjoying it by using these five ways to instantly cozy up your front porch to make your porch somewhere you want to spend your time.

5 Ways To Instantly Cozy Up Your Front Porch

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A Porch Swing

A lot of people have fond memories of porch swings. They remind them of the time they spent at their grandparents' home when they were young, and they'd sip lemonade on the porch on a hot day or swing on the porch swing as they waited for their parents to take them home.

Porch swings have a commanding presence, are fun to sit on, and most importantly, are a great way to forge new memories at home. Porch swings come in an array of sizes, materials, colors, and structures, which makes it easy to find the right one for your home. And the more frugal among us will be happy to hear that porch swings aren't that costly. In many cases, they're less expensive than an ordinary outdoor couch!

Soft (But Weatherproof) Materials

Most outdoor furniture is made from hard materials like wood and metal—which look nice, but don’t feel nice after an extended sit. Softening your porch with soft materials can instantly cozy it up. But since the weather can get unpredictable outside, you also want these materials to be moisture-resistant.

One of the best materials for outdoor use is wool, which is unbelievably soft and wicks moisture like a champ. Use wool cushions, throw blankets, and pillows on your outdoor seating, and spread a rug on the ground. Viola! Instant comfort.

A Big Ol' Umbrella

Let's be honest—it can get really hot in summer, especially in the South. A big o' umbrella, whether it’s the kind you attach to a dainty round table or the freestanding sort, will shield you and your visitors from the heat and sun as you chat about your day.

Mood Lighting

Nothing quite sets the mood like some mood lighting. For a traditional, rustic home, we can't recommend string lights and mason jar lights enough. If you don't fancy a trip to the store, you can make these lights at home. And thanks to their charming simplicity, they'll integrate effortlessly into the rest of your porch decor. To create a comforting environment, choose bulbs that emit warm-colored light.

Plants Galore

There's something about plants that's just so calming. Maybe it's their beauty, or maybe it's their aromatic smell. Whatever it is, we love them! Placing potted or hanging plants on your porch can give it a touch of natural beauty. And if you choose sweet-smelling flowers like gardenia, lavender, or peony, you'll never need to buy candles for your porch again!

Those are our top five ways to instantly cozy up your front porch. With these few adjustments, you can take your front porch from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming.


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