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Tips For New Campers

New Campers, we are talking to you! We are hitting the road this year, bringing you fun stories from our adventures in camping. We have some tips for new campers that might make your next camping trip go a little more smoothly so you can enjoy hitting the road without the anxiety!

Camping Tips

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How do I save money will camping?

A friend of ours said, “Camping is an expensive hobby to pretend you are homeless.” And as we discovered after we purchased our first camper, boy was he right! Everything costs so much more money than we thought when we were considering switching from staying in hotels to travel, to a camp trailer.

But like all travel, you can go all out, or make a budget that you can live with.   You don't have to purchase all new camping gear at first.  We love searching through our home to find almost everything we need was actually in our home and could travel with us.  Bedding, kitchen items, even my cast iron skillets are all items I found at home that now work great in the Travel Trailer or our TT.

You can also find great camping gear second-hand at a cheaper cost!  

Make a budget, then make a plan on how you can stay in your budget with some research on frugal camping tips!

Also, bring cash with you! Many areas require cash, some camping parks ask you to self-pay with cash in an envelope. And many showers are paid for with tokens out of machines that only take cash. 

What games should we play?

When our kids were little, it seemed like every night we played a different game, worked on hobbies and crafts, and read hundreds of books, but they were still looking for something new. Families all over the country are trying their hand at camping and looking for fun things to do after they hiking and exploring has brought them back to the campsite. 

Fun games like Twenty Questions and Fortunately, Unfortunately, are great campfire games meant to inspire conversations and creativity. 

Rethink old recipes!

One of the things I like most about camping is the chance to rethink my old recipes and create something new. Camping food needs to be portable, easy to clean up, and make the most out of every ingredient you bring along.  You don't want a bunch of messy dishes or leftovers to deal with. I love this idea from to use up those mini marshmallows from hot chocolate and make S’mores Campfire Cones right on the campfire ring!

Quick Tips For New Campers

As most new campers are discovering, after 2020, finding a campsite isn't very easy and it's not as cheap as it used to be either! We sat down with our calendar in October and planned out our entire year of camping and made the reservations.  

Don't want until the last minute to try to book a campsite.  You might be disappointed. 

Buy your firewood on site.  Most campgrounds sell firewood bundles or you can pick it up from a local store.  Not only are you saving weight, but you don't want to risk transporting bugs or disease to a new area. 

Bring extra batteries, trust me.  You'll want them.

DO NOT FORGET THE BUG SPRAY! Maybe I should say that again… Don't forget the bug spray! Mosquitos and ticks are not fun camping memories.

Make a list of camping essentials and do a checklist to make sure they go in your camping gear and make it back in your vehicle to go home. 

You don't have to “rough it” anymore

When my husband and I took our first camping trip together, we realized that camping was dirty, sweaty, uncomfortable, and a lot of work.  We had a tent, cranky kids, and no idea what we were doing.

We told ourselves that we didn't like camping and weren't going to do it again. And we didn't for almost 15 years!

But then we discovered that we love traveling with our dogs, we enjoy discovering new places and spending time outdoors. And instead of getting a hotel, we could bring all of the comforts from home in our travel trailer and have a hot shower and comfortable bed at the end of the day.


Camping doesn't have to mean you have to rough it.  It means you have to open your mind to trying new things, talking to new people, and learning how to be creative with what you have! 

And if I have anything, it's an overload of creativity!


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