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The Best Fruit Trees To Grow in Your Backyard

There’s nothing in the world as peaceful as stepping outside and plucking a ripe apple or peach from the tree you helped grow. Early spring is planting season for many kinds of fruit trees, so if you’re looking to add new life to your property, it’s time to start planning.

Here at Firefly Gardens, we have several varieties of fruit trees, including some adorable miniature apple trees that are a great fit in a small space.

Use this list of the best fruit trees to grow in your backyard to help you decide which species will start your home orchard.

Fruit Trees

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Apple Trees

Talk about an American classic. Apple trees are among the most iconic fruit trees in the US, but they're something special here in Baltimore. After all, Maryland is host to a wide variety of gorgeous orchards!

Part of the apple tree's popularity is due to its hardiness and tolerance for various climates, from cold winters to hot summers. They also produce plenty of fruit, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who want to get a lot of bang for their buck. To get the best yields from your apple tree, be sure to prune it regularly and fertilize it with a balanced fertilizer.

Fig Trees

Another excellent fruit tree to grow in your backyard is the fig tree. It might surprise you to learn that this Mediterranean fruit tree succeeds in the US, but it does! These low-branched trees produce a lot of fruit and are fairly easy to care for; just make sure you learn about necessary fig tree maintenance. Backyard chicken owners might also find that the birds love to hop up and roost on the fig tree's lower branches.

Peach Tree

Georgia doesn't get to have all the fun. If you want to grow peaches, go for it. Like apple and fig trees, peach trees are versatile plants. They produce a lot of fruit, and it's easy to care for peach trees when you perform regular pruning. However, if you want to save yourself a lot of frustrating seasons, start this tree off in a greenhouse.

Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are also excellent fruit trees to consider. Lemon trees do well in warm climates with mild winters, but greenhouses and even indoor growing can give you and your family plenty of citrus-filled seasons. Consider using loamy or even sandy soil to get the best yields from your lemon tree.

The Best Fruit Trees To Grow in Your Backyard

The best fruit trees to grow in your backyard typically depend on your climate, but with a little extra love, you can grow just about any fruit tree. Just remember that each tree needs plenty of TLC, patience, and pruning.

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