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Must-Know Reasons To Try Out a Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe can provide so many benefits to your life and help you save time, money, space, and more. Let’s dig a little deeper into the must-know reasons to try out a capsule wardrobe!

Capsule Wardrobe

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What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

First, let’s chat about what a capsule wardrobe is! A capsule wardrobe is essentially a limited arrangement of your favorite clothing pieces that blend well.

For example, you might have a wardrobe that looks like this:

  • Three t-shirts
  • Two sweaters
  • Two skirts
  • Leggings
  • Three pairs of jeans
  • Sneakers
  • Boots


The chosen pieces in your capsule wardrobe will have a complementing color scheme that will enable you to wear any part and match it properly.

I love band t-shirts.  I collect them from all of the shows Michael and I go to.  So I have a few more t-shirts than three. But I actually swap them in and out of rotation so my closet stays clean and I don't have as many to choose from. Keeping my shirt collection in my minimalist style.

Let’s examine why you should build your capsule wardrobe!

Saves Time

Have you ever stood in front of your closet in the morning, wondering what you’re going to wear for the day? And then suddenly, 15 minutes have gone by, and you still haven’t chosen an outfit? We’ve all been there.

Establishing a capsule wardrobe helps you easily and quickly find an outfit each day that doesn’t require staring at multiple options. Your limited supply gives you peace of mind knowing that your outfit is already “picked out.”

Not to mention, packing for a vacation won’t take hours anymore because you’ll already have established outfits to bring with you!

More Space

Even more, a capsule wardrobe enables you to save a large amount of space in your bedroom! Where you once had 30 to 50+ articles of clothing stored, you now have clear space for something more efficient. This can be super helpful, especially if you live in a smaller space and need more room for other things!


The average person can spend up to a few hundred dollars a month on clothes alone, making switching to a capsule wardrobe much more effortless.

It might seem difficult getting used to not having many pieces to choose from, but you’ll be glad to have more money back to use for other things! While shopping can be fun, it’s just as fun to go-window shopping!

Helps the Planet

The most important reason to create this kind of wardrobe is to do your part to help the planet. Fast fashion is hurting the environment, and creating a capsule wardrobe is just one of many things you can do to fight fast fashion.

A capsule wardrobe allows you to rotate the same clothing over and over until you’re ready to replace certain items and donate what you don’t use.

Now that you understand a few reasons to try out a capsule wardrobe, feel free to create yours today by heading over to your local secondhand shop and picking up your favorite pieces!


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