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Keeping The Sparks Alive – Tips For Old Married Folks

It's FREEEEEZING here in Maryland.  It's almost too cold to go out. But, I've been trying to get out a little each day because unlike me, my husband hates to stay home.  So we do what we have to do to keep each other happy and if that means going out in the cold, I will! This brings me to the heart of this week's post… keeping the sparks alive for old married folks like Michael and I. 

Yes my friends, the hubby and I have been married for a LOOONG time and after raising a bunch of kids and dogs, we are empty nesters now.  Which, I have to say might be the best time we have ever had!

How do you keep the romance alive after so many years? We have some thoughts about that!


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How do you keep things fresh in a long marriage?

I'll be frank; there are times when you just have to keep pushing through. Work, family, drama, and life all just take every ounce of energy you have, and there's not much left for date nights, romance, or even getting dressed! And you know what… that's okay. 

Michael and I have had moments like that, years in fact that we didn't put a lot of focus on our relationship. And well.. it suffered because of it. Some of that was the stress of raising teenagers, some of it was my grief at losing someone I was close to, but really I think it was that we didn't know how to reconnect. 

In 2012, I started seeing a therapist, going to yoga more frequently, and learning how to meditate. It was then that I realized that I needed to start learning how to let go of the things I can't control and appreciate the people in my life that were there to help me. And that's when Michael and I started taking little trips for “us time” and trying to reconnect. I believe those trips saved us.

I also learned how to keep the heat in our relationship as we get older!


Why is it essential for couples to find things to do together?

For years when the kids were little, it felt like my whole life revolved around the family. While it seemed to me that Micheal had a life away from us because he traveled for work. We lived separate lives, and we didn't have a lot of things to do together other than raising kids. 

Now that it's just us, we have discovered how much we love traveling and exploring together. It began with me joining him on some of his work trips since I can work from anywhere. Then it grew into a love of travel that has taken us around the world.

For us, travel brings us close. It gives us time to talk, teaches us how each other relaxes and let it go when that doesn't align with the other, and helps us escape routine.

Michael has even taken up yoga! 

Traveling is our happy place. We even bought a travel trailer this year to make time for even more adventures together. 

I love that we have these things that we love to do, that are binding us together without the kids. 

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Even Married Couples Celebrate Valentine's Day

But we do it a little differently from when we were first dating. No more cheap chocolate hearts and expensive dates. These days I'm happier with snuggle dates on the couch. However, we love to plan events all through the year that feed our passion for good food, music, and adventures.

We love finding music festivals away from home. We are heading to Riviera Maya, Mexico, for Girls Just Wanna Weekend this year. A 4-day music festival headlined by our favorite music artist, Brandi Carlile.

Heading to the tropical beaches, spending the night dancing as we listen to our favorite band, and reservations in luxury restaurants, we are staying at an all-inclusive resort – The Unico 2087! ( Reviews will be coming! )

This is how we renew the spark in our relationship and enjoy combining our hobbies! Oh… and did I mention yoga on the beach?

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