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Less Is More: How To Embrace a Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalistic lifestyle is a beautiful concept, but how does one start living it? We have a list of tips to show you how to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. You don’t have to follow them in order!

How To Embrace a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Determine Why You Want a Minimalist Life

Usually, there’s a specific reason why one is seeking to live a minimalist lifestyle. Whether your motivation is to reassess your life, travel more, or focus on the family, the why is essential. Understanding it will guide you on your new adventure.

Establish Priorities

How do you envision your life looking after you embrace minimalism? Perhaps you’d like to focus on clearing out the clutter, getting control of your financial situation, or enjoying more downtime. Identify three to six areas in your life on which you should focus.

Begin Small

Resist the urge to start big, and take an easy-does-it approach instead. You’re probably excited about beginning this journey, but it’s best to go easy to keep the steam going. You could start by removing the television from your bedroom or setting aside a few moments in the morning for reflection.

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Remove the Clutter

Many people associate minimalism with removing possessions from their lives. There’s much more to minimalism than that, but clearing out clutter early in your journey is a significant step. When we surround ourselves with clutter, we overload our senses and cause anxiety and stress.

Practice Mindfulness

Thanks to our on-the-go culture, many people’s minds are overrun with racing thoughts, concerns, and stressors. Sitting down for daily meditation is an excellent way to practice mindfulness and reduce clutter in your mind. Apps make it easier than ever to turn meditation into a habit—one that will provide multiple benefits throughout your life.

Purchase Less Stuff

Our hectic, consumerist culture has made it easy for people to disconnect from their values. Or you may never discover what your values are, leaving you with a hole in your heart. The temptation then comes to fill the void with stuff from stores. Instead of buying items, spend the extra cash on experiences to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Prioritize Your Health

For many people, doing the basics of taking care of themselves can feel selfish. In reality, self-care is a vital part of living a healthy, happy minimalistic lifestyle. Create a daily routine of the basics, such as meditation and exercise. Adding more movement, getting better sleep, and working less will do wonders for your well-being.

Expect Some Discomfort

Positive changes typically don’t happen without a bit of discomfort. You may begin to feel anxious about the extra free time and empty shelves because busyness and consumerism are ingrained into our brains. Avoid the temptation to fill the void, and enjoy some self-care when those feelings arise. Take a walk, enjoy a long soak in the tub, or do some yoga.

Downsize Your Home

Consider downsizing to something smaller and more straightforward to avoid living to pay your rent or mortgage. Buying a tiny house is a great idea, but it’s not necessarily the way you have to go. Don’t let your living space dictate your life.

Whether you choose to follow a few or all of these tips, embracing a minimalist lifestyle will change your life for the better by giving you the time you need to pursue the things you love.

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