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The Easiest Vegetables To Grow During Winter

It’s never too early to start thinking about what types of food you want to grow. In fact, certain vegetables can thrive in the cold—although a harsh winter might do some damage. Nonetheless, if you’re going to start growing vegetables during the wintertime, you should start with these. Here are the easiest vegetables to grow during winter.

The Easiest Vegetables To Grow During Winter

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Arugula is one of the best crops to grow during the cold season. The two types of this plant that you can harvest during the winter are garden arugula and wild arugula. Garden arugula grows very quickly, but wild arugula is more tolerant of the cold thanks to its deeply lobed leaves. In addition, wild arugula boasts a stronger flavor than garden varieties.

With arugula, you can let the leaves grow out or harvest it as a baby crop. Whichever one works best for your schedule should work out just fine.


You can grow spinach throughout the winter, but it thrives best during the cool days of fall and earlier in the winter season. If you plan on growing spinach in the cold, you might want to use a cold frame, and then you can switch to a polytunnel later on. One of the best spinach varieties for growing in the cold is Giant Winter, which received its name because farmers bred it specifically for harvesting during the season.

If you find yourself with overstock, offering unique crop varieties such as Giant Winter is one of the most effective tips for having a successful winter farmer’s market.


The best part about growing carrots during the winter is that they become extra sweet from the cold. As with other winter crops such as kale, leeks, and beets, the flavor of carrots improves from the frost.

After you sow the seeds, you’ll want to apply a generous layer of deep mulch in the plant bed. This layer serves as extra insulation that will keep your carrots warm and hold them in place. Then, when it’s time to harvest, you can pull back the layer and dig in.

Overall, you can grow healthy garden varieties of your favorite vegetables right in your backyard. Now that you know some of the easiest vegetables to grow during winter, you can look forward to fresh greens even during the coldest of seasons.


Growing A Garden Of Wellness

There are studies done on the power of gardening, and how the act of tending to plants is healing for the mind. Plants give us so much more than beautiful decorations for our yard and homes, they are healing for our minds and hearts. I love passing on my gardening passion to friends and family. It's a great feeling when people ask me for advice. 

But more importantly, I garden all year long for my own wellness.  I grow herbs and plants that promote better health.  Even though the growing season slows down for me during the winter, I always have plants in every window and shelf.

Did you know you can even grow your own tea? You don't need much space, just a willingness to learn. 

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